HDTV Resolution.....Is less really more???


In considering an HDTV, what is ideal number of lines of resolution?

Specifics are that most all HDTV's present 480i/480p/540p/720p/and 1080i resolution.All those numbers are lines of resolution.Those with a "p" are progressive meaning they are that resolution times 2 of progressive scan.

Those that do not present 720p most will convert the signal to 1080i.Most times this conversion option is in the HDTV tuner box itself as an option of what to do with that signal yet some TV models can do the conversion on their own if they do not support 720p.The most ATSC standard used lines of resolution is 1080i.


My apologies, I was referring to horizontal resolution (ie 1200, 1400, 1600) not vertical scanning lines, in my question.

The HDTV format is 1920 lines of horizontal resolution.

Which is 1920x1080, known as the 1080i format.

Compare that to the normal NTSC broadcasting of now at 330 line resolution with its bandwidth limit of 4.2 MHz.DVD s-video bandwidth is limited to about 6 MHz and thus 475 lines.



If you are still out there, which would you suggest......
Toshiba 65H82 or the Mitsu 65" model, the WS-A65 i believe?

The Mitsu WS-A65

Better quality and better reputation for great long lasting TV and service.


Thanks for your help Robert

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