Amazing price on Sampo 34" HDTV


Tom Smith
Hey everyone I have owned my Sampo 34" for a couple of months now and I love it. I heard that some select Costcos are have the set and they are selling it at $1,999. Has anyone heard if this is true? If so that is an amazing price for how great this TV is. If anyone knows what Costcos are carrying these please let me know because I have a buddy that is interested in getting one. The best price he has found is $2,500 at Fry's. Has anyone heard of a price better than $1,999 on this unit, it would be hard to believe but let me know. Thanks!

Ray Portmof
WOW, $1,999 for the Sampo 34" HDTV that is awesome. Please does anyone know which Costco carries this set?

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