Question for Robert-What is best?


Robert - You seem so knowledgeable about TVs that I thought you might help me. I want a 32" TV for a reasonable cost (say up to $800 -less would be great). I can't "decide" on HDTV, flat screen, s-video, 3line digital comb filter etc etc. It is all so confusing! What is best? I am a single Mom. Can you just let me know what brand and model you would buy? Or give me a couple of choices? I realize you might not want to do this - but I have nobody else to ask. I've tried going to Circuit City and asking the saleperson but he left me even more confused! Thank You! Anne

Well for one, HDTV would be the best investment for the future but I haven't seen a 32" HDTV for under 800$.They tend to run around more than 1,499$ to 1,999$.Now there is one made by Hitachi I believe is about 999$ that's HDTV-Ready, which means you'll have to buy the HDTV tuner to pick up the HDTV channels later on/separately.Right now the tuners can run about 450$ to 800$.If you get an HDTV ready model you can wait later on till the prices begin to come down.

So for this price range (800$ and under) it's best to look at a good flat screen with great image quality and most are going to run close to 800$ themselves.Flat screen is best for family/group watching.No matter how many people you have sitting in the room spread out far to the left and right you all get about the same good viewing of the image than you would with the regular tube TV.And this way everyone gets to enjoy the full video image.

Starting with 800$ I suggest first the Sony "SON KV32FS100" which used to be 899$ but now you can find it at Circuit City for 799$.It's flat screen, has a 3 line digital comb filter and best of all it has a 16:9 mode which has v-compression.What this is that usually with 16:9 dvd's you get less scan lines in the image it self and the others are being shared with the black bars, with this mode however it will give the widescreen movies a better quality.

Next at 749$ is the JVC flat screen "JVC AV32F703".This model is just as much the same as the Sony except this model doesn't have color temp adjustment.And if you don't have a receiver for surround or louder audio this model has Hyper Surround Sound Stereo with BBE Sound Enhancement.

If you're not up for the flat screen then go for the Panasonic 36" "PAN CT36D12D" regular tube TV that is the same price of 749$ but 4" bigger.It has all the great things that the Sony does except it's not a flat screen TV.

For that price range those are the best one's I've seen.Maybe someone who knows of better models at better prices can reply to this topic as well and infrom us where they can be found.All the one's I mentioned above should give you no problem finding them at Circuit City and Best Buy.

Word of advice is stay way from Apex, RCA, and Sanyo/Sharp.I've heard and seen too many problems with these brands of TV's and their other components.


Robert - You are great. Thank you soooo much. I am going to go out and get one of the 3 models you suggested. I also wish I could afford the HDTV or HDTV-ready version but just can't right now. Especially since I need to get a DVD/VCR also. Oh! One more question. Do you know whether it matters if I buy the Sony brand TV should I get a Sony DVD/VCR? Jvc tv/jvc dVD? Or does it matter?
Also, what is your consulting fee?

It doesn't really matter, just as long as you get a player with great features and great video quality for the price.

I trust Panasonic dvd players the most.I just bought the RP62 progressive scan player and they never fail to exceed my expectations on a good player.I even still have my old second generation Panasonic being used in the living room, which cost me more than 300$ at that time in mid 1998 and now you can find one that produces the same quality for about 120$.


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