A recent TIME Magazine item mentioned that "HDTV ready" means "you still need either a progressive-scan DVD player or an HDTV tuner." I recently bought a Toshiba HDTV-ready TV and, after checking Toshiba, was told I would need an HDTV decoder (assume that's the same as an HDTV tuner). However, based on what TIME is saying, a p-s DVD unit (which I want to get anyway) does the same thing. Does anyone know if this is really true...or am I misunderstanding something?

You are misunderstanding.

An HDTV ready tv is an HDTV, it's just missing the antenna box/cable box/sat box, or in other words a tuner to pick up the HDTV/ATSC 1080i channels.The tuner is what picks up the HDTV channels.Its kind of like your new version of rabbit ears(antenna) for the tv.Depending on what you get, cablebox, a dish, or a regular tuner, with an HDTV ready model it means you need to buy that seperate which leaves you open to more options and saving money IMO.

With a Progressive scan dvd player, what they mean is only HDTV tv's can benifit from a P-S dvd uses component connections like the HDTV tuners and produces a 480progressive feed (480p) which is the better quality then the regular interlaced dvd players(480i).But you can only use a P-S dvd player with HDTV tv's only(HDTV and HDTV READY models) because they are able to produce the higher standard scan.The dvd player is in no way a tuner to pick up channels, only to play dvd's.


never thought about buying hd ready tv before. so here is a really really basic question i have to ask someone who knows.
do i get any benefit( better picture) using hd ready tv viewing regular programing on air or regular dish (like dish-net-work,not digital)?

thank you in advance for educating me.


I bought a Toshiba top of the line HDTV ready widescreen late in 2002 (2003 Model). I have both standard cable and Dish Network. Even though Toshiba boasts that the sets have all kinds of "Gee Whiz" ciruitry to boost analog signals to look better on their sets, I found that regular TV just flat sucks in comparison to what I get with widescreen progressive scan DVD. I think the FCC/Government has let us down in pushing broadcasters into HD. I only have one channel available in my area. Dish Network only offers a couple (Not really worth buying their $600 receiver). Basically, I am stuck watching DVDs to get the most out of my set, for now. Anyhow, that's my input FYI.

Robert/Charles/or anybody:
Please help me doing this TV's comparation, I am going to buy a HDTV but at this moment I have two options:

Sony KP-53HS30 53" price 1,999.99
Akai PTH5498 54" price 1272.73

The price is not the issue, just I need to know quality features, like which has the best picture, easy to install and some advantages I could have buying this Sony model, if it has versus the Akai model. I am going to keep this TV for long time, so I need to figure out what it better, could you help me please?
best regards,

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