Hook up DVD player, Dish, and TV?


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I am going to purchase a DVD player (my first) and want to know what I need to hook it all up. I want to hook up the DVD player along with my Dish Satellite receiver and a Sony TV (model KV-24FV12 if it matters). The rear of the TV shows the following inputs; 1-SVideo, 1-Video; and a L and R Audio.

Currently, I have an old VCR hooked up to the TV and dish. The "Dish installer' hooked the satellite to the VCR via a cable and then another cable to the TV. But from what I've read, the DVD player seems to hook up differently. BTW, I will not be using the VCR once I purchase the DVD player.

If anyone can explain how to do this in fairly simple terms, I'd appreciate it.

thanks for any help.

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Buy a RF modulator ($25 simple little connector box)...modulator has both DVD (3 color coded ) and cable (RF) connections

Roof cable to satellite receiver IN
OUT receiver to IN RF modulator
OUT modulator to TV, and connect modulator to DVD (3 colored wires)
Make sure "progressive scan" is off on the DVD

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i would hook up your dvd player to your tv using an s-video cable and a regular RCA audio cable. your dish receiver is probably hooked to your tv with either your video-1 connection or your rf(cable) connection and this way you can leave that alone. use tv settings to switch between s-video and video-1/cable, whichever works with your dish.

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I have an old Sony TV model #KV20M20 (1996). How can I hook up a DVD player. It seems it needs 3 cables to go to the back of the TV and there is only room for 2 (Audio & Video)

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U will need the RF modulator,unless radio shack has some sort of other adapter...go there and talk to them

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Im trying to hook my Magnavox MSD124 DVD player to my tv (Sanyo DS19230, about 12 yrs old)and my Dish Satilite. I got it all hooked up the way Im supposed to but I cant seem to find the right channel on my Tv to watch a DVD. The dvd player turns on and I can hear the dvd spinning but I cant hear the video or see it. Would anyone know what channel my Tv should be on? It doesnt have channels like Line 1, Line 2, or Game or anything like that.

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How to set up to make the best use of the S video and componant video cables when hooking together a satellite receiver, DVD recorder and TV.
We will mostly just be watching TV with occassional recording to DVD so want the best possible picture for daily TV viewing.
Am confused how to make best use of the expensive s video and component cables and how to set the the tv or dvd so normal tv viewing from sat rec is best.

could i buy a dish satilite and hook it up myself or is it too difficult and do i need a special tool to get the signal and how much do the dishes cost.

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Very easy to install and very cheap..I see them in newspaper for $25 all the time..But U must know what satellite U want to receive and what channels to watch...Then comes the hard part,learning to test...U must READ READ READ starting now!

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