Mitsubishi WS-A65 or Toshiba 65H82?


Choose your weapon, oh yeah, and let me know what your decision is based on. From doing some research, the Toshiba looks like a better set, however, the info out there is limited. That's why I ask you guys.......the EXPERTS!!!!!!

Either is a good choice, in my opinion.

Anyone else?

Do NOT get a rptv from Best Buy. The WS-a65 is a WS-65311 relabeled and with some important features removed. Go to a full scale Mits dealer and get a 65311 or 65411.

Am interested in purchasing the WS-A65, can someone tell me which options are removed?

Mitsu WS-65611? is it worth the price tag?

toshiba way better

I am considering the WS-65611 myself.
The best price I found so far is at

There is only a $300.00 difference between the 511 and 611 and a If you are serious about TV, then don't buy anything less than a Mitsubishi Platinum Series as the disply is noticeably better than the 311 and 411 silver and gold series models.

My advise is to go to a showroom and view the difference. Look at a 611 next to a 511 and then next to a 411 and you will see a big difference between the Gold and Platinum series. I see very little difference in quality between the 511 and 611 however and no difference at all between the Platinum Plus and Diamond series. The Diamond series is not worth the price in my opinion.

Is it a waste to get the built-in decoder of the 511/611 though? Does an external decoder not provide more future flexibility?

Is $1999 a good price to pay for the WS-A65 from Best Buy if it is brand new? With 4 yr. extended warranty

My playstation looks like crap on my WS-A65. The football playes look all blury. Any help.

To the person that says the difference between the mitsubishi gold and platinum series is big, you should know that as a mitsubishi salesman, it is a little sales trick we do to fool the untrained eye! I've had friends that worked at BestBuy that said they do the same! it is easy to make the "gold" series look much different than the "platinum" series and so on. Personally the sony KP-65WS500 or 600 seems to have more features than the mitsu's! Just keep in mind it is VERY hard to compare in the stores, find one with as many features as you like and try it in your home, if you're not satisfied, most companies will return/exchange within a certain number of days.

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