Remote codes for Dish Network and Toshiba remote


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I'm looking for the remote control code for a Toshiba remote to control a Dish Network receiver. The Toshiba user manual only listed one option, and it doesn't work. It's a Toshiba 32AF44, but I think most any other Toshiba is the same.

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make sure your dish receiver doesn't use a RF (radio frequency) remote, universal remotes won't work with these, you'll have to get a factory replacement remote

I just bought a nice Toshiba TV and the remote that came with it also wont run my dishnetwork receiver. It lists one dishnetwork code, and three echostar codes; the dishnetwork code and one of the echostar codes makes the power button work, and i can key in channel numbers, but thats it. It also wont work my phillips dvd with the code given. The remote is useless :-(

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I just bought a new 20AF44 Toshiba, but I can't get my TV programed to the Dish Network remote. I even called Dish Network and they said my TV might be 'too new', but to look online anyway.

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My toshiba remote CT-90158 will not work with my star choice receiver which is a Navigo 400 series. Toshiba only gives one code 057. Does anyone else know of any other code that may work. Thank you very much.

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Guys and Gals-

Just stumbled upon your message board here while looking for Toshiba codes that actually work. This Website-
-has 7 different codes for DirectV/Dish.

Good Luck!

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I need remote codes for my dish satellite remote it is older, echo star 3000 for 18" dish so I can program for tv.


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Read the link above yours!

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Get a Dish 5.0 IR remote or borrow from someone who may have one and you can copy the IR codes in learned mode to any IR Learning remote and it will work with the Dish 811 HD receiver... I did this with the Sony AV-3000. Does all functions as the Dish 8.0 UHF/IR remote.... other option is to find the complete remote IR code for the Dish 5.0 Remote, but the best way is learned mode to match up buttons as you want them.

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MY sony remote, RM-Y908, does not come with the code to use my Dish Network Sat. reciever.

Am I out of luck?

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check this site out it may have what your looking for...........

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