Toshiba Vs Sony Vs Hitachi


I am in the market for a widescreen HD ready tv, probably around 57". I personally think the Toshiba looks better in the stores than the other 2, but I haven't played with the brightness, color, etc. Does anyone have any opinions on which is better at home? The prices are pretty close, so that is not an issue. I am also planning on buying the Onkyo S650 surround system. Any compatability issues?

The Toshi is more tweakable and after calibration look more stunning than then others. Make sure the HD Toshi you get/if you decide on has a 3D Y/C digital comb filter for the best picture.

Thanks bud. Can I calibrate it myself or would you suggest getting someone who knows what they are doing? Cost for calibration? Thanks again.

You can search Keohi HDTV on the brand for do it yourself calibration techniques.I also suggest buying the Avia dvd or Sound and Vision's Home Theater Tune up for calibrating the picture.But if you're new to it all, you may want to call in a tech, but only fully calibrate it when you have 100 to 150 hours broke into it.




which comb filter would produce the best quality
picture,3d y/c or 3d digital,and what are the differences between those two?

Re: Comb filters

All comb filters essentially belong to a class of circuits known as Y/C separaters. So, whether you're talking about an analog filter or a state of the art 3D digital filter....they're all Y/C. In other words, 3D Y/C is the same thing as ads listing just simply '3D digital'.

All TV's have a Y/C filter, but the type varies from the analog, 2-line digital, 3-line digital, and the best is 3D digital or if you like the full technical name for this 3D digital is "10 bit 4Meg 3D digital Y/C comb filter".

Jo Jo the Clown
In my opinion, the PIONEER ELITE is the top of the line projection television. LCD is terrible b/c it is guarenteed to brake (pixels clump up). Hitachi is also good, but better than Sony. Mitsubishi is also fine, but doesn't compare w/Pioneer.

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