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I am deciding between a 57" to 65" Toshiba cinema series big screen & the DLP front projection unit "plus 3200" by Avanti which has had fairly good reviews. I haven't viewed the 3200. My viewing distance is about 15 feet. My main question is how do the front projectors compare to the rear projectors in general (cost aside).
Is a rear almost always better, vice versa, or does it entirely depend. Just looking for a general opinion. Thanks.

For 15 feet I would go with a RPTV personally.A 57" in an 15' room is about right for the distance of seating away from the screen.Though a 65" won't me too bad or swallow in the room since it's only reccomended at 16.25' seating distance.If it's an HDTV you can cut those figures in half since the scan lines aren't so visible and irritating.

A RPTV is never always better compared to a DLP but you have to take in some matters of which is better for the room and placement it is to be set in.Can you control the light in the room?Reason I ask is because a DLP requires a very dark room to visibly see it at it's best.With an RPTV you can enjoy a little more light in the room for watching cable, and occasional sports.

If this is for just plain movies and dedicated hometheater and you can have a "dark" room, you can go for the DLP but it's an investment that's gonna cost.You have to also take in the price for a nice screen or the construction of one on your own.

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