How do I hear surround sound whilst watching TV?


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Hi all!

My questions are similar to one or two here but for a different system. And they revolve around (what I would have thought is simple to do) getting surround sound whilst watching TV!

I own a Samsung Blu RayHome Cinema HT-BD1250 I have it connected to my Sony Bravia HD 1080p TV by means of HDMI cable and optical audio cable.

Other connections into the TV are
Virgin Media (cable) is HDMI 1
Toshiba DVD recorder is HDMI 2
Samsung HC is HDMI 3

With regard to my Samsung HC, I am able to hear DVDs in full surround sound - no problems!

I want to have my TV in surround sound too, or at least hear something coming out of the rear speakers but it doesn't.

It also appears that you can only get into the menu whilst a DVD is inserted, not when in TV mode?

On my last TV there was an option for suedo surrond which gave sound out of all speakers.

My questions are therefore:

1. In simple terms/instructions, how do I get to hear normal TV in surround

2. Can I turn up my rear speakers. If so, how?

3. Is there an option for different sound 'effects' such as hall/theatre/arena etc

4. How do I get enter settings etc when there is no disc in?

Please help as the instruction manual is awful, Samsung don't reply to emails (or at least they do but are unhelpful) and I am so frustrated!


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Your problem is the optical cable from the TV to the Samsung. This optical out is mainly for the TV's built in HD tuner, it will give you a feed from the HDMI but only a stereo feed. You need to connect the Virgin cable box to the Samsung using the optical cable NOT the TV to the Samsung. This is explained on Pg 28 of the manual. Select D.1 or D.2 to select the optical inputs. Once the cable is connected from the cable box to the Samsung you may need to turn on the Digital feed on the cable box.

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Casey, thanks for your advice. I must be stupid as I didn't understand the manual. I did what you said and connected the Cable box to the Samsung and got the sound using D1 but still no further forward really.

The sound still doesn't come out of all speakers when watching TV which is what I would love. As mentioned above, I can't enter the Samsung menu unless I'm in Blu Ray??

Can't see any settings in my cable menu for altering audio either.

Can I watch TV and hear all speakers in any way??

Thanks again

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Angus hi,
what about bluray,
do all speakers play?

and for example when watching a program at night on tv,
for example,while a show recorded in 5.1
such as whatever popular show on abc,nbc,fox etc in primetime

do they come on then?

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You only have Dolby Pro logic for TV play back. At the bottom right side of the remote is a button for effects presskit multiple times to go thru the available sound fields. Pg 39 -44 and then again in trouble shooting is where you can find this info.

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Guys, you are tops!!!

Thanks Vince, yes blu ray does come out of all 5.1 but not for TV

Casey!!! Honestly, I was sure I had checked out the manual but obviously not close enough. Simple as paging through that menu!!!
God, what an ar$e I feel for having to ask!!!

Thanks again - so much, you're a star!! Cheers from the UK!!!

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I have a similar problem! cannot get sound with the TV programmes although rado programmes are fine. also fine when playing a CD.
the TV is Samsung full HD, the dvd recorder is DVD-SH871M and the cinema sound system is HT-C555 so they should all match up nicely!!
we have tried 3 of the ways to connect products together (we have no HMDI cable)
Can any one tell me how they should be connected together to get the sound on the TV?

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Make sure you understand you can only get out what you put in. If the television and or CD audio signal is only 2 channell stereo you will only here 2 channell stereo. The only option is to go to simulated surround on your HT which will give sound from all speakers but it is not true surround sound.

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If you have a TV newer than 10 years old you should have an audio output on the back. Most likely it is two RCA jacks (left and right).

Use some RCA cables, run them from your TV to the auxilary or "Video 1" Video2" or whatever input on your receiver. Then select the DSP (digital signal processing mode) on your receiver that you want to use. Thats about it.

If you have digital cable or DSS, then you might have an optical/coax digital output on your converter box. If that is the case, just run that to your receiver. Some cable/dss companies broadcast some channels in DTS/DD.


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how do you get the tv sound out of your surround sound on just your freeview television :D no other components :D thank you

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Yes it is only and emulation and not true surround sound. Seems a professor at Princeton has found out the secret to real 3d sound. Meaning based on how our ears recognize sound level, direction and approx distance, they have found a new way to really create 3d sound which when played through ordinary speakers will sound exact 3d. Check it out- rs.html

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