Are KLH Speaker Systems any good?


I'm looking at purchasing a new home theater speaker system. Any thoughts on the following:
KLH HTA-4906, 9706, 9900, 409, 9006
Jensen JHT525, 805
Yamaha NS-P236
Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble IV HT
Onkyo GXW5.1

Don't want to spend anymore than $150. Thanks.

I do not want to be rude or even sarcastically an A S S but here it goes,.........
As a personal "know it all" guru of the audio realm I must tell you that for 150 bucks you don't want to waste your money buying C RAP because you will do WHAT I DID for a few years, instead do this, SAVE YOUR MONEY , then when you have about 1,000.00 EMAIL ME and I will guide you my son to the promise land. ATHENAs, remember the name okay, BEST BUY CARRIES them.....
trust me jensen sucks klh sucks all of them SUCK if you SUCK then remember this, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR unless you buy Athena's !!!

I have and Athena Point 5 (amongst others) and think Athenas are a great bargin. BUT... If you are held down to $150 listen to these AR/JBL/Harmon Kardon also make a few low end systems.

Don't be afraid to listen to computer speakers. Craetive/Cambridge and Logitech will sell you a 5.1 system (sometimes with decoder) where the satelites are amplified.

These are probably the only solutions in the $150 and under price range.

Hope this helps.

I checked out that link and those speakers are complete crap and not worth anything. The sats/center are rated from 200Hz-20kHz +/- 5db which is TERRIBLE. Actually thats just about the worst I've ever seen before aside from the sub that comes with the system, 20Hz-300Hz +/- 10db CRIPES!! I wouldn't waste my time to even bother listening to these things. Even for $150 you can do sooooo much better with the KLH 9006 (which is my pick from the list). Disregard Johnny the Gun's comment as it is pretty rediculous. Not everybody has $1000 to spend on something useless like a speaker system. Also a $1000 speaker system can be complete overkill if you don't have the matching equipment to take advantage of them.

Ond of the best deals, if not THE best deal out there right now for booklshelf speakers are the Pinnacle AC650's at
For $118 shipped 2nd day, you simply cannot beat the deal. They list for $300-$400 and the avg. street price is $199.
4 of these, a decent center channel and one of those DLS subs from Parts Express or the Velodyne from for $130 and you will have a home theater system that rocks!!

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Cambridge soundworks is the best of your list by far. As good as Bose cubes, for a lot less. Stereo review said they are the best value in America, and the price has droped since.

I am listening them right now - sounds pleasantly clear and smooth thanks to neodymium magnets. You can buy good surrounds for $250 with these. ne3hne&type=store


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first of all your athena home speakers suck compaired to mine i have 2 15'' woofers in each klh speaker box each speaker box can handle 750 watts rms each 8-ohm i have them going to a 2-channel amplifier 800 watts rms x 2 at 8-ohm and i alsol have the amplifier going to a electronic dual 12 band eq the have the bass of a car subwoofer so if klh sucks then your system must really suck oh and buy the way i only paid a thousand dollars for my sytem brand new

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the klh 9915 floor standing speakers have 2 port tubes in each box and a 15'' woofer 2 tweeters and a midrange each speaker box can handle 300 watts rms each they are 8 ohm i have the going to a 8 ohm kenwood integated amplifier 2 channel a or 2 channel b 5.5 amps 110 volts 400 watts rms a channel it has trable and bass legitive and positive its the kenwood amp going to a kenwood am and fm tuner thes speakers will fill a 50 sqare foot room and you turn it half way up and you can not talk over the soun they vibe stuff off the walls you can hear them from over 50 feet away when you are out-side so do not say klh sucks and the ran over a 156 db , spl

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CONTINUED know i have a dual 7 band stero graphick eq that boos my up a 100 watts know my amplifier is 500 watts rms a channel at 8 ohms

j john
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The phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind.
If $150 is your budget, then KLH is a safe bet.
You may also want to check out Pioneer. Bang for the buck you'll be alright.
KLH for $150 is a decent speaker compared to any of those White Van speakers people are paying $200 bucks for.

johny the gun
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you all think yea cool only i am

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on speakers 300 dollars is my budget for used speakers kneed ideas

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first og all as far as center chanen speakers go in home audio nuber 1 you do not need a center channel number 2 all you need is some reall power-ful used full size hom speaker go number 3 at least get a subwoofer that has a built-in amp with volume controls nuber four forget about 4.1 , 5.1 ,6.1,7.1 just go powerful a powered subwoofer go number five get a very power-ful 2.1 system

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fo all of your tv musin home-theater electronics needs

ok here are some good spekaers. They are sony and they are a real bang for the buck. I listened to them and they have nice bass and the usual sont tweeter which is good. They are 3-way the mid is nice too. I couldnt tell how good they were compared to others because of the song. IT WAS AT 32-64 KBPS! These are at $100 for 2 and are 120 watts. Here are the stats. They are like those atheans or whatever except I think they are better. I have sony speakers and have BLARED them for 5 years and they have not let me down yet nor have they decreased in loudness and quality. SONY BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS ARE THE WAY TO GO!!!! the subs sux though. If you want a really quick fix get the Logitech Z680 at or compusa. Those stats are under the sony speaker ones.
Product Features
Magnetically shielded for multimedia applications
Acoustic-suspension bass loading
3-1/4" cone midrange driver
8" woofer
Woofer and midrange driver of lightweight, ultrarigid KEVLAR for excellent transient response with minimal distortion (KEVLAR is a registered trademark of DuPont)
Power-handling capacity: 120 watts maximum
Frequency response: 50Hz - 50kHz
Sensitivity: 88dB
Product Height 20-7/8"
Product Width 9-1/2"
Product Weight 14 lbs. 6 oz.
Product Length 10"
Number of Speakers per Package 2
The surround for $280.00
Total Output Power:
505 Watts RMS

Subwoofer Power Output:
188 Watts RMS

Satellite Speaker Power Output:
317 Watts RMS
(62 Watts RMS per channel for satellites; 69 Watts RMS for center channel)

Total Peak Power:
1000 Watts

Maximum SPL:
114 dB

System Frequency Response:
35Hz - 20kHz

Input Impedance:
10,000 ohms

Source Inputs:
(1) digital optical for DVD or CD player, PlayStation 2, Xbox, or PC sound card (requires optical cable, sold separately)
(1) digital coaxial for DVD or CD player, or PC sound card (requires coaxial cable, sold separately)
(1) 6-channel direct (3 stereo-mini connectors) for 2-, 4-, or 6-channel PC sound cards
(1) Analog stereo-mini for portable CD, MP3, or MiniDisc player

5 out of 5 b y 5 reviews and i heard it and it is AWESOME!

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if you want some serious sound, buy some genelec
speakers. you can pick up a pair of speakers and a sub woofer (used) that will blow the windows out of your room for right around $13,000 dollars.I know!!

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im sure that you have long since bought your speakers system.

i just wanted to throw in my two-cents...

i just picked up the klh plat-6 system for $159.99

i hooked it up and it sounds just fine to me...

nercomancer!? who in thier right mind would want to spend 13grand on 3 speakers???

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Okay, Heres what you do.
If you live anywhere near a large city go to a small audio shop. Get a good quality mid 60's tube amp Marantz, Macintosh, Eico,Phase Linear, early fisher amps are good too.Also pick up a pair of acoustic suspension speakers Utah, Acoustic Research, Advent, or early KLH stuff all sounds better than anything that is made now. Listen to Me All 5.1 stuff is crap, even the high end stuff. watage isnt everything it needs to sound good and be built well. Trust me, this stuff sounds so good that you dont need 5.1. You will be happier only two good speakers than 5 crappy ones.
go to this URL.
Hope that this helps.

I bought KLH 6.1 speaker system couple of months ago. The satellite speakers are infact twin speakers. The listed price was $149.99 but I got it on sale at bestbuy for $49.99(good part is its instant, not mail-in rebate). For $50 it's I guess is still a best deal to get 6 speakers and a sub-woofer. Sound quality... its ok ummmm I can say good. Not the best quality, but its good

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i was thinking about getting some floor standing 3 way 150 watt KHL speakers, im not sure what model...should i or shouldn't i? they are about 200 canadian

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KLH isn't that good. You can get a better set of Yamaha speakers for around the same price. Lower end Yamaha aren't the best either but smoke SONY,KENWOOD,PIONEER and all of that cheap crap IMO. Since your budget is $150 you may as well focus on the Yamaha brands. Also, what kind of receiver is going to push them? A somewhat crappy receiver with good speakers CAN be better than a good receiver with crappy speakers. Speakers really make a difference. So many factors in this but I would stay away from KLH unless you plan to use them on your computer.

For example..

I made a *CHEAP* but very decently rounded system for a client(his computer system) using a KLH system that included 5 speakers and the subwoofer. He is running a SB 5.1 with and RCA 5.1 receiver. Because the soundcard allows for alot of frequency control, the sound is very impressive considering he spent very little to make this work. There are way to make good sound on a budget if you stick to an analog signal. The truth is if you want true digital quality you will have to spend alot of money on a good receiver, speakers and more to do this. Some old school surround modes are still processed through the analog connections but the true HQ surround modes won't be supported unless the connection is digital and you will need good stuff for this to sound awesome. Since your post states for *home theater* I won't get into what will sound great for music. There is a big difference between Music and Home Theater.

Hope this helps


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I have lost respect for BEST BUY for just carring KLH.

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I like the Radio Shack Speakers, they are in P.Diddy's Studio. And another brand that is really good is called Capehart from the 1970s. They sound real nice with my Quad 8-track player.

I dont know
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Does anyone here know where I can find a pair of KLH 9915 floor speakers? I have been searching everywhere and no one carries them anymore. Please respond!

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bad or no sound when playind a dvd movie. radio and cd music sounds fine help

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The little KLH twisty speakers with a sub sound better than any of the bose acoustimass speakers. Of course that is not saying much. And for 150.00 that is a deal.

The KLH 9250B floor standers can handle quite a bit of power and with 12" bass and titanium tweeters is a good sounding starter speaker, beloved of college kids everywhere.

KLH makes a set of towers, the T-5AW that has 2 6 1/2" woofers, with a 3/4" dome tweet that sound nice that can be had on clearance all over the web for 100 a pair.

KLH is not the company it was under Henry Kloss, it was bought out a few years back. Still, for the money they offer inexpensive starter speakers that sound decent. Not great, not audiophile, but consistently good. Nothing more or less than that. it is a good, inexpensive way to get a start in HT for those needing speakers without a second mortgage.

i just purchased a pair of the KLH 9250B floor standing speakers. Now i am wondering if i did the right thing. Are these speakers good for home use ?

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Hi Anonymous;

The 9250's are a good value for the price. They are by no means audiophile quality stuff, but they sound decent enough and are efficient. Those 12" woofers give a lot of base and the titanium tweeters give decent highs without being unnecesarily shrill. I think the mids are a bit muddy though, but really for the money are not bad.

A friend of mine bought 4 of these for home theater (used for front left and right and rear surrounds) paired with a pioneer 1014 receiver (and a klipsch center channel he got open box at BB) and to be honest it sounded surprisingly good. Especially considering he had no subwoofer and the .1 channel (low frequency effect) was coming through the 9250's. My buddy figured this was an inexpensive way to get into Home theater (having just gone through an expensive divorce and being cash poor).

I know there are lots of better speakers out there, and there will always be posts saying "those are trash, my B&W's, etc. are better (of course they are, DUH! they cost 20 times more) but for the money they are a good buy.
Like I said, not audiophile gear, but a decent low price speaker, that is a good low end value.

The question for you is, do they sound all right? Do you enjoy the music/movies from them? If so, who cares what anyone says, ENJOY them.

Take care

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well all i know is i have a pair of klh rave 12's and they dont suck at all,they can handle 400 watts,they sound way better than the athenas and probably almost any thing else that has been posted here,and i got a pair for $160,also if you want real quality sound you should go with mtx moniter 10's or 12's,they are $300-$400,and you can get them at circuit city and you wont need a sub cuz they have outstanding bass,so if you are looking for bass this is my choice and they can handle up to 500 watts,or dcm's i dont know where you can get them but i have a pair that are about 3 years old and sound brand new, and they cxan handle up to 400 watts,if you are looking for great mids and pretty good bass,go with the dcm's they cost $300-$500 when i bought myne but could cost different now,by the way the sonys are better than the athena's and the athenas may be good quality but are expensive for what you get and have no bass,so basically i suggest mtx's or klh's or dcm's

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Hi I have a complete KLH setup using 9250B for the fronts, e-12db Sub, and 2503's for the rears and a 2 way center from KLH. These are all powered from a sony str-de335 and a soundblaster THX audigy 2 card in my pc, and I have to say they sound great. for under 1,000 for the system I have I am very happy with it, I dont have to crank the volume half way to rattle the sidding on the house. Sub runs half volume in the corner of my room and it thumps loud and clear. Half base on the stereo and the 9250B's will thump harder then my RTR-Magnum 12's If you are looking for an inexpensive system go KLH. After all, college costs enough as it is lol.

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I just bought a pair of 9250's from Best Buy for $99.00. They are presantly on sale. I am useing them for the front of my Dolby Digital 5.1 Yamaha Receiver. They sound great and I am very Happy. I also have a Sansui 4 Channel 7500A receiver and 4 SP7500 speakers. I feel I know the differance. Do not hesitate to buy these budget speakers. You will be happy.

Hi,I have a compact 80w RCA stereo and I wanted to get a pair of KLH 9250B speakers. As I don't know much about combatibility would this be a smart thing to do?

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all DCM's are is a "boom and sizzle" speaker.

terribly bright highs, and loud boomy bass.

same with the KLH Rave series.

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KLH speakers sound pretty darn great for the price. I have the 250w speakers from them and they sound great. I would recommend them to any one. You could take basically any speaker and make it sound great, exactly the way you want it but only if you have an equalizer. With an equalizer if you think the highs are too high you can lower it if you think you can't hear or feel any bass you can tune that to make it have thump.

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Ignore Johnny the Gun's derisive comments. But in one respect he is right: hard to get decent speakers at your price point.

Depends on what is "decent", I have tried KLH from BestBuy and returned them. Finally spent $70 on on a set of SDAT C-6. Happy with the purchase.

This is all pretty ridiculous. I've tried and owned many brands of speakers, and I've found that the KLH bookshelf speakers (especially the 911B) have great sound quality. Anyone who equates cost with sound quality is immature; many people who deride KLH speakers haven't even owned them. Just go to and check out the reviews of the 911B (just one of the models I have owned). When driven with 50 to 100 watts, these bookshelf speakers have a warm sound with decent imaging and downright excellent musicality. One reviewer on says that they are almost as good as Paradigm Atoms, and another says that they are just as good as Polk R15s. Oh, what's that you say? You can't bring yourself to own such a cheap speaker even if it sounds good? Well, that's too bad. It's funny how changing the nameplate or price on a speaker can completely change one's perception. If I placed "Polk" or "Paradigm" logos on my 911B's and played them for an "audiophile" crowd, they wouldn't think twice to spend $200 (or more) on the pair. Place a KLH logo and hang a $50 price tag on them, and suddenly they "sound terrible". At least I know that I listen to the sound produced from a speaker instead of staring at the brand name on the grille. Of course, the shortcoming of small woofers in bookshelf speakers demands that a subwoofer be used to recreate the entire audio spectrum. If you're just too good to be seen with a pair of KLH speakers, however, you could get the Polk R15's (which are very similar to the 911B's) and save some of your street cred amongst your audiophile homeboys. My challenge - buy a pair of speakers and audition them for what they sound like. I promise that you'll find much less to be dissapointed with in an affordable speaker than an expensive one.

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i just bought klh 9250B floor speakers that are 250W and i have no clue what kind of receiver and what power receiver i should get. any suggestions would be nice

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KLH speaker quality is highly variable but its understandable. When you are selling a $99 home theatre system its amazing that KLH can even make it sound good at all. The top-end KLH stuff is best, and is cheaper than bottom dollar yamaha or sony stuff.
I've got KLH satellites with the 4" poly cones and they sound very good, and some monster 15" (9915?) 4-way floorstanding speakers. They are awesome, though the design is completely traditional and quite boring...rectangular black box with plain black grille, no adverts on the front.

Perhaps KLH's biggest problem is charging too little for what they sell, making customers suspicious. They need to learn marketing from Bose, a company that could sell the pope a double bed.

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If you're looking for some halfway decent speakers at the cheapest price possible,
then you may want to try the Audiosource
System 230/235. You can usually find the
system 235 on eBay very cheap (perhaps around $50.00). Of course, you'd be better off spend-
ing more money on a better system, but for
the price, this COMPLETE home theater speaker
package is most impressive! It includes 4
satellites, a center channel speaker, and a
subwoofer. But whatever you do, stay away from KLH or Jensen--they're both pathetic.

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I have Klipsch reference series speakers all the way around, and i love it, but i couldnt afford the 500 dollar sub to go with it just yet.

Well i went to Rex just messing around, seeing what kind of crap they had in there, and they had a big klh sub next to some sony's, cerwin vegas, another klh, etc. and it blew them away (not saying much), but was the cheapest one. I bought it , the down firing 12 inch e-12db, for 85 dollars and i promise you my klipsch towers distort before that sub does.

Just remember - sometimes different speakers, though the same company, are made differently than others. I hate almost every other klh i've ever heard, but this is rockin, window-breakin bass for 85 dollars.

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Here's MY advise. Ignore everyone on here, and go to the store and listen to them. If they don't let you listen to them, go to a different store. We all know what opinions are like. I could sit here and list every single speaker i have ever owned and tell you which ones i like the best, but in reality, each person has their own taste. NEVER buy something because someone told you it was good. If you cant test it, don't buy it. You're the only person on this thread who knows exactly what you're looking for.

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Take it a step further.

After testing them at the store and picking out what you like, ask the store what their exchange/return policy is. Then, if the policy is good, actually buy the speakers and test them in your listening environment. That's the place that they will be used, so use them there for the testing. Store testing will help with impressions, but that's not where the speakers you will buy will ultimately be used.

If you don't like what you hear, return them and try something else.

Just don't buy from the white van speaker guys. You will never have the luxury of returning the equipment if you don't like them. Plus, they aren't worth what they say they are, much less how much they actually sell for. - Reinhart

Polk or JBL?
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What about Polk or JBL?

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A hard one as both make some great speakers.

Try them out yourself and choose. - Reinhart

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Basically it is personal choice. If you like them, great. I don't think they are the type that are sold in stores that let you 'audition' speakers but you can buy them, listen to them at home and take them back if you don't like them. Most stores will allow that as long as you don't bring them back a month later with a big scratch. But at least you won't be stuck with speakers you don't like.

I personnally think KLH are way behind the times as far as construction and materials go. But that's just me. If it's about money you can pick up some old JBL studio monitors (4312's)for the price of the new Top end KLH's and have way superior sound. But like I said it's personal choice.

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Paradigm makes the best speakers for the money. Bar none. see

BTW, If the above posts are any indicator of the educational systems in the USA, I'm very concerned for our future. Many of the above posts are written by illiterate buffoons that apparently smoked their breakfast before attending classes. See what happens when kids get raised by MTV?

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You ASSUME alot off of so little. How does a single sentence or paragraph post indicate the education level of the poster or what our future is going to be like or that every kid has been raised on MTV?

Besides, a blanket statement such as "Paradigm makes the best speakers for the money. Bar none" is merely your opinion. I'm sure many others on this website will express their own and disagree.

Pull your head out.

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Really, just because someone writes a moronic post you can't assume the worst. My kids blow me away with the stuff they are learning at school.

My teenage kids and their friends don't even watch MTV. They are insulted by it and see it as pandering to them at a lower intelligence level. I think most kids know when they are being spoken down to and turn it off. If kids are raised on MTV, it's up to the parents to step up.

Anyway, Paradigm are great speakers but they still come at a premium. I've had alot of speakers over the years including Paradigm Monitors. IMHO Yamaha speakers are pretty good value. Sure they're Japanese but they sure beat other consumer brands like Sony, Pioneer, KLH, Onkyo and low level Infinity's. But like the guy said, it's a matter of opinion and how much you have to spend.

Sgt. Friday
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Yes, it is only my opinion that Paradigm makes the best speakers for the money. Forums are about asking for and receiving opinions from other people. I offered mine.

Anyone who cannot use proper grammar, or who mixes their antonyms and homonyms is functionally illiterate. Sorry, that's the way it is. It's disturbing to see how many people cannot choose the correct "their/they're/there" for use within a sentence. Take a look around at local advertising in your town, and especially online. It's amazing to see how many people just cannot spell. They are likely the same people letting their children be raised by the media with little outside influence. Empty-V was only singled out as an example. My kids also watch TV, but they are not interested in the network drivel, but gravitate towards PBS and educational or historical material.

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It's most certainly a pity that people cannot communicate in English clearly through writing.

If you cannot put your ideas down in writing clearly enough for others to understand you, then you truly are illiterate. Particularly when writing is, perhaps, the clearest way of communicating in just about any language.

Unfortunately, if proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling (not to mention good vocabulary) are not used, it can be awfully easy to misunderstand what is being communicated.

As for Paradigm: they are good speakers. Definitely worth the money that's spent to buy them. - Reinhart

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Not so. You are quite unfair to the many hardworking illiterates in this country. You could still get a job as a reporter at the paper where I work. On the other hand, you could make more at Wal-Mart.

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Heck, if you stuck with it long enough, you could one day be the managing editor.

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The problem here is that there really is no excuse to be illiterate.

You must learn your native language of the country you live in to the point of proficiency in spoken and written forms if you wish to have one skill (although it's one out of many) that will help you to get ahead in the country's society.

Being able to communicate is extremely important, yet many people take it for granted and fail to recognize its importance. - Reinhart

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You guys seem to know what you're talking about and I could use some help. I'm building a house and I am pre-wiring it for a 7.1 system. Now, I need your advice as to what receiver and speakers to buy. Budget = $2,000 max, otherwise I risk a divorce or something... I'm ruling out Bose, sice they don't have a 7.1 system and I hate the fact that all wiring must go through the sub-woofer. Thank you in advance for your help!

shan nat
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Bought a KLH HT 300BW 3-Piece 300-Watt Surround Sound Speaker System for $30 at Amazon and it's really worth.It comes as a 3 speaker package (DPL II) with 2 sats and 1 center channel and all beechwood finish.The center channel is a bulky in size and the 2 sats are really outstanding with the price tag.It sounded awesome.I bet there's no speakers of this kind at this price tag in the market,for sure. For benchmarking, I connected these 3 spkrs in the front and retained 2 rear surround with the Bose Jewel cubes on my Bose Lifestyle 48 systems.And by comparison it competes well with it's counter- part,jewel cubes nicely, especially the tweeters are good in high's. I will try connecting to my HK AVR 525 receiver and update how it handle HK's power.The only difference I could say is on the center channel spkr which is not that much reproduced to it's size.The resonance and jarring is not heard on these speakers, which is good on enclosure,as well.So I can say this is a good choice for a cheap budget(not comprimised on sound quality) to upgrade to a 5.1 with your existing 2 main speakers(let it be a book-shelf or floor standing).

shan nat
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This is for EduPagani:
Well your budget is well beyond your expectation,to build a 7.1.What I meant is you can really afford a BEST 7.1 system with a $1200-$1600 budget without any compromise in sound.First and foremost the Subwoofer plays a vital role in making the BOOMs and ground shaking I recommend a Velodyne Subwoofer for a budget of $400-$700. The second part is selecting a 7.1 channel Reciever.For Economy, long life and performance I would go for YAMAHA HTR 7.1 series receiver.Regardless of cost and performance,then I would recommend HK receivers.
You may realize by comparing the power transformers HK uses, it's huge comparitively thus delivering the power and punch to the speakers.I'm talking about the surround channels ONLY,No need to worry about the .1 as the subwoofer takes control.Now the 3rd part is selecting the satellites, ie. 7 surround satellites.This is little hard part to find and select as most of the manufacturers offers as a whole speaker package(sats and sub) OR as a complete Home theater package(Receiver/DVD player,sats and sub).Besides that some offers just the satellites package alone.Once we find those packages, look for the driver complements and enclosure.For better/best sound reproduction a satellite enclosure could be of 2 way with Piezo-Electric tweeter or Neodymiums and 4" Poly Propelene woofer. The Neodymium speakers offers the BEST compared to conventional paper cone,dome tweeters,Peizo Electric and Horn Tweeters with it's high magnetic characteristics.Like I said before the enclosure also a deciding factor since it has to withstand and disperse the sound when you pump up the volume.So if size doe'snt matter wood enclosure of above 7" is good to consider. If size does matter then I would recommend to look for Bose Acoustimass double cube arrays or Bose Jewel cubes on ebay, which is the best from my knowledge.
As far as the cables are concerned, since you want a hidden wiring on walls/ceiling, look for Monster cable rolls that fits your cable runs.if not buy a 2nd grade speaker cables for budget.
And I recommend a Monster subwoofer cable to run from the AV receiver to the sub of variant lengths like 3ft,6ft,12 ft etc. Again if it is costly to you then go for AR brand.
I assume you have a DVD player with you, and upgrade to SPDIF (fiber cable) if you use a co-axial cable to connect to AV Receiver.

Hope above recommendations help you build a 7.1!!
Post your comments or contact me at for any clarifications.

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One thing that could be done to get great sound at a savings is to try and find some decent speakers used.

Some people have scored some fantastic deals on top flight stuff by buying used. Just be vigilant when buying used gear and make sure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. - Reinhart

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Shan and Kip. THANK YOU.

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lol i know guys that sell KLH out of the back of a van lol you guys buy anything lol

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hey, im lookin to spend 155 bucks in gift cards at best buy, now i wanted a digital camer, but now im lookin at speakers. i found KLH for 142, they seem nice, but ive never heard of them, i also found sonys that are a little more expensive, but with my knowledge sonys bettter. Both floor speakers, what should i do SONY or the KLH

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Sounds like yer in quite a pickle there because at that price both are pretty low quality. Don't be afraid to ask them if they have any demos or 'out of the box' specials you can buy from them for more bang for your buck. Or maybe throw another $150 into it yourself and get a better set than both.

If you absolutely have to make a choice, I would go with the Sonys. Hope I helped.

Try some vintage pioneers like hpm-100' can pick them up on ebay for like 200 dollars.There super efficent(95 dB) so low power amps really shine.

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"Anyone who cannot use proper grammar, or who mixes their antonyms and homonyms is functionally illiterate. Sorry, that's the way it is. "

No, it isn't. You have no business inventing your own definition of "functionally illiterate" and you clearly have no idea of the real definition, nor the real issues involved in adult literacy.

If you aren't willing to educate yourself, don't spout random nonsesnse about education and media. You come across as an arrogant fool.

Tim Lawrence
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I agree One thing that could be done to get great sound at a savings is to try and find some used speakers.

There are great deals on top flight I would agree to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. - ohagash
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I have KLH speakers right now and they sound great. The only thing they lack is high end. They have very good bass response and good mid's but if you are looking for something with more high's don't get klh. Save up and spend the few extra dollars for something a better.

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The only thing that matters is what you think about your system. If you think that your present system is the greatest thing in the world, then let it stand. Who cares what others think about your system? As long as you like it and you are happy with it, then you have the best system your money can buy.

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Here's my humble opinion: I have some KLH Rave-15's, and think they sound pretty good. Even though they are relatively inexpensive speakers, I think they are good enough that the amplifier becomes more important than the speaker. I am driving mine with an old vacuum tube amp. I think this sounds quite a bit better than driving them with a transistor amp.

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hello there..I am feeling what Berny said,to sum it all up.It's your money and yOUR opinion that counts,and there is NO assurance that spending a large amount of money will satisy what YOU want.You might not CARE about imaging,sensitivity,depth,or response,and even IF you do,you might not have the room or ability to make the necessary changes to the system.It's like choosing music,so if we like it,we buy it,and people need to realize this and stop acting like their opinion works for anyone but themselves.We can all appreciate guidance,advice,and tips,yet respect us enough to make our own choices,without judgements.Besides,if you ain't payin for it,who cares WHAT you think?

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I would never claim KLH speakers to be "high end", but for the bargain basement price they are sold at, the performance is good. They sound better than Bose.

I have a set of KLH 15" speakers and they're not bad, and have a KLH 9706 system and while its hardly high tech, its competent. The only gripe is the subwoofer has a bit of a low hum at idle.

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