Yamaha RX665 surround modes


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Okie-Dokie, all up and running...

Thank you for all who contributed to my questions on setting up my HT system. I ended up running 16 gauge to the fronts and center, and 14 gauge to the rear and surround back (center-rear channel) and so far, it sounds good.One HDMI from Display (in-wall) to the AVR,and everytthing into that. The only bummer is I have three different remotes..Turn on/off TV with Samsung,2) turn off Time-Warner cable with TW remote,and 3) push the Master power OFF on the top right side, usually twice to shut off. As far as programming,I inputted the codes for each component,VCR,CD/DVD player,Time Warner cable and Samsung TV,so is it still normal to use three different remotes? No Biggie.

All I have to do is to read more on my RX-V665 Yamaha receiver as far as the surround modes go. Basically, I'm guessing I won't get all the good stuff as far as effect features from this AVR until I watch a BD movie?

On watching regular TV broadcasts, I am using the DOLBY DIGITAL setting. From there I can use the 7 channel,or 2 channel Stereo setting, or the Straight Enhancer. There are other buttons on the remote like the PURE DIRECT,which when I press the SURROUND DECODER, it displays"NOT AVAILABLE".

In order to use the other features on this AVR, I'm guessing I can get more effects out of this AVR by watching a 5.1 broadcast,or a Bluray, then and only then, will I see features like the Dolby TrueHD,DTS-HD Master Audio,Kick in. I have not checked out the Neural surround with the music feature.

Not a big deal, but is this normal? When I turn UP the volume on the remote,the sound level on the AVR displays that it going minus(-) down,not up. ie: -20.00db,instead of +20.00db

This receiver is running hotter than I thought, it is in it's own cabinet shelf, with the window open all the time. I will consider buying an "Antec Low Profile AV Component Cooler" for on top of the receiver to help cool it...if they really work.

PS. My speakers are from HSU Research Sound in Orange County, Ca. They are amazing!
Thanks again for all who chimed in to help me.

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Hi all!
I got everything hooked up. Yamaha 7.2 RX-V665, Time-Warner DVR, Samsung HDTV, Speakers are HSU 6.1 Performance 2, and everything sounds good so far.
I do have a question about the way everything powers on.

I programmed all three remotes together, but when I turn on the system, I first power on the TW-Cable, then Power on the Yamaha and press HDMI 2 on the Yamaha remote which is actually the DVR, which I programmed the text) Then I turn on the Samsung HDTV Power on the remote.
I notice the Yamaha AVR powers up, and shows "DVR" when I press the HDMI-2, then it automatically switches back to AV1. Then I have to re-press the HDMI-2 again. Why does this do this? Anyone knows?
I know it's not the end of the world, but the less buttons to push, the better.

Side note -
Normally I listen to the "Dolby Digital" mode when viewing normal TV Broadcasts, and it comes out of all the 6.1 speakers, and I know I need to look over the manual as far as how many different "SURROUND MODES" are when viewing a Blu-Ray. But it seems I'm missing a few modes and might have to go back into the set up for the speakers. During the Blu-Ray playback, the sound does sound good, but maybe needs to be fuller. I have a SonyBD350... Do I have to set up the surround modes or anything on the Sony BD like the Samsung Blu-Ray player?
I have done the speaker config. setup, and it all sounds balanced.

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