Low volume through cable box?


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HK AVR630 receiver, Panasonic TH50PX75U tv with Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable box...

Everything works just fine with one exception.

The volume level when using the cable box seems unusually low. The cables are fine.

I have the box volume maxed but when watching a softer, low volume movie the dialogue is sometimes so low it's inaudible, even with the HK volume nearly maxed. With an action movie you can hear generally hear the dialogue but what should be boisterous sound effects seem quite tame.

Can't find any further adjustments to make in cable box, tv, or the receiver.

Advice appreciated.


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Give me a few more details. What are you using to connect the cable to the TV and the cable to the reciever. Do you have a wire going directly from the cable box to the reciever or do you have it going from the cable box to the tv, and then to the reciever.

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Excuse me for butting in here, but I am totally new to all of this and was having a problem with no voice sound (music fine) from my DVDs. I am running my DVD Video directly to TV via component cable and audio to receiver via coax. I have to set my receiver to "Disc Listening" instead of "Disc Viewing" to hear both music and voice.

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i'm having the same problem. i'm running A/V cables from my HD cable box to my reciever and i have to turn the volume almost all the way up to get a decent sound level. no sound problem from other sources, just HD box.

anyone have a fix?



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Are you guys all using RCA cables or a Digital Optical cable?

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yes i'm using RCA cables. my Pioneer home theater system doesn't accept digital optical. but what should it matter? my Wii and PC have RCA cables going to my sound system and they don't have a problem with low volume.

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Time Warner boxes have there own volume control and it must be turned up till at least 75% or you will not even get a stereo feed. Check to make sure the volume is all the way up on you cable box.

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Casey's talking about the volume control on the front of the cable box.

If that doesn't work it's time to talk to the cable company.

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I had a similar problem - while watching a DVD I'd have my receiver's volume on about 3, but for TV through the cable box I'd have the volume up to 5 or even 7. I also had a static sound through the speakers on TV channels 30-70, though other channels were fine. I took the cable box to the cable company's local office and exchanged it for a different one. That solved the problem completely.

You could also check the audio setup features on the cable box. I know mine has controls for output (TV speakers, stereo, advanced). In the advanced options, you could turn the compression on high, low, or off. You could also set it to "matrix" sound. Choosing different options changed the volume, for instance setting the output to TV speakers made it a lot louder than if it was set on stereo. Turning the compression off made it louder than with it on low or high.

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