Subwoofer connections


please tell me which of the two following connections should be made from the av receiver sub-out to the active subwoofer:

1. line connection to only the left(mono) line input

2. line connection split into two and connect to both left and right inputs

Hi , use only one connection

Agree. Use only the line-in connection & check to make sure that your LFE imput (if you have one on the sub) is split or not used in 2-channel mode.

my subwoofer has only speaker wire connections with a + and - ,but my reciever has only one rca input. how do I connect my sub?

unless you have a reciever that provides a amplified sub channel(like kenwood 6o7o)you cannot hookup your sub to the sub woofer RCA input on the reciever.
What you have is a non-powered sub,most newer recievers have the RCA inputs for powered subs(amplifier in the sub box.)Now you may have a sub that has a passive xover so that you run the main speaker wires to the sub before they go to each speaker.Should say something like right speaker in,and then right speaker out and the same for the left side,where the connections are.Is any of this making sense?

I have a powered subwoofer with speaker wire inputs/outputs and rca jacks for in/out.
My receiver has subwoofer rca out jacks and obviously the speaker wire terminals.

1. What would be the best way to connect the receiver to the subwoofer?
2. Do I connect the center and rears to the subwoofer as well?


Use the RCA connector and don't connect anything else to the sub.

I have a problem with a buzzing sound coming from my subwoofer when it is switched on.Can anyone help as it it driving me mad

For the buzzing sound from sub: could be due to (1) 'dirty' current to amp and/or sub or (2) some connection mismatch. Try to power the amp and sub through a 'line conditioner' that 'cleans' the power going in. Check on the connectors and the cables as well. Finally, connect from amp sub out to the LEFT in on the sub (i.e. make only one connection in sub). Hope this works.

Hi all......I have two polk audio speakers on my monitor and just bought a set of Intrigue speakers (sub and 2 desk speakers) .... I went to Comp USA and they said that there is no way to hook up my polk audio speakers with an adapter. I dont believe this....could someone tell me where to get such a monster or are the guys at Comp USA right?

Subwoofer Buzzing. I had a similar problem and was told it could be in the ground. My first thought was not grounded properly. But was then advised to go to Home Depot by $.60 adapter. This adapter takes the three prong you would plug into the wall and turns it into two. All my buzzing stopped. Sounds awesome. I tried hundreds of dollars worth of new cables and splitters and the $.60 adapter fixed everything. Too much ground created the noise.

Try it

Dear all

Recently i bought an active sub woofer. It only has one input and of which is an rca type. To my dismay, i've discovered that my yamaha home theater system combo with dvd player doesn't have an rca subwoofer out. What i have was the clip type subwoofer out terminal for a passive subwoofer.
Is it rigth to connect my new subwoofer to this terminal by cutting the other end of its rca cable? Thanks a lot for this site.

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hello Kulotzki,

i am in the same situation, but with a sony brand. i used the original sub speaker wire and connected the plastic terminal end to the back of the receiver/dvd player. i then connected the 3 [L,C,R] speaker wires coming out of the powered sub to the other end of the original sub speaker wire. this way you don't have to splice anything. i've had this setup for about a month now, without any troubles, yet. let me know how it turns out.

if anybody knows of a better setup. please let me know. thanks.

hi i have two subs hooke up to my pioneer vsx-406. I also have two regular speakers hooked up. With both subs hooked up it is too much base in my appartment. Therefore i only want 1 sub hooked up. is there anyway i can have both tower speakers in channels 1 and 2 and a sub in channel 3. when i do this only 1 speaker works. how do i wire this so only 3 channels with a speaker hooked up and still sound good?

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Hi everyone, I have an Acoustimass 5 subwoofer and speakers. I just purchased a new receiver. How do hook the receiver up to the sub? The receiver has a pre-out but the sub has nothing. all the speakers used to go right to the sub. Any suggestions ?

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Hi, I have an onkyo receiver with subwoofer pre out terminal, which kind of subwoofer must be connected?

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Any kind, as long as its a sub with an amp built in (power sub)

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My subwoofer has only speaker level inputs, with no related outputs for front speakers. If I want to use speaker level inputs for signal transmission for the subwoofer, how should I connect the front speakers?

I understand that I must connect them in parallel. Does that mean that I must hook 2 sets of speaker wires from the receiver to the speakers and soobwoofer respectively? Alternatively, can I connect the front outputs in the receiver and the sub via speaker wire, and the the sub in speaker level connects to the front speakers with a second set of wire?. I understand that both connections are equivalent, but I would appreciate any advice before meddling with the system.

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What is the difference between speaker level input/output (+ - wire) and line level input/output(RCA cable)?

Which is best?

Is there any overall power advantage to connecting speakers to the speaker level output i.e., does the sub amplifier come into play via the output line?

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speaker level inputs - exactly what it implies, connect speaker outputs directly from the receiver into these inputs. Treated in one of 2 ways: it is "stepped down" into lowlevel for the amplifier to accomodate and be redistributed to the other speakers attached to the sub or fed directly to another set of speakers, with the sub acting as a crossover over point for the satellite speakers (much like a Bose Accoustimass system).
Line level input - feed coming from the RCA outputs of the receiver into the subwoofer amplifier. Usually the best connection.


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I have a kef 20B subwoofer which crackles as soon as you switch it on!! Any ideas what this could be?? And if its easily fixed!?

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alright i have bought a powered sub. I've noticed that my reciever doesn't have a rca subwoofer out. can anybody please help me on how to connect my subwoofer. is there any adapter from the speaker terminal clips to a female RCA jack so i can use a RCA subwoofer interconnect to my subwoofer. or if not is there any other solution to my problem.

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I have the same problem as markus88. I bought a new surround-sound speaker set up with powered sub. My receiver, which is surround sound, but is from about 1997, does not seem to have a sub out anywhere! Is there a solution to this, or do I need to buy a new receiver? Thanks!

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Hi, this is my first post.

I have a home theatre audio system that the subwoofer is a sealed box,
1'w X 2.5'h x 2'd, speaker mounts in the center of the 1'x2.5'side. The box made from 1" thick particle board covered in the blue fuzzy material. The box has an inernal baffle that separates the speaker cavity from the rear terminal. There is dense acoustic foam material inside. The box alone weighs about 70 pounds.
There is no cross over network.

The old driver speaker is a 4 ohm "Thruster" purchased about 12 years ago. Since my amp can only handle an 8 ohm load I've installed a 4 ohm series resister in series located on the negative side in the enclosure.

My old Thruster has been buzzing for quite a while under load and today bought a replacement, which is a Lightning Audio 10" 300w peak 35-100hz.

Thruster provided satisfactory results, I don't require a powerful chest massage but need to hear the low Hz's.
My question for you guru's:

1. The subwoofer will be required to get reasonable performance in a 24x28 room, lots of furniture, book cases etc to break standing waves.
Did I buy the right speaker?
2. I understand my 4 ohm current limiting resistor is absorbing energy. Is there a better way? Do they make a crossover that will provide the impedence match? Are they hard to find?
I MIGHT be able to squeeze a 2nd speaker in the enclosure but it would look odd.

My equip:
This is kind of a rag-tag collection I know but acutally sounds quite nice:
*SS (Surround Sound) rack mount Dolby processor 5 channel w/subwoof line outs
*1970 Vintage Kenwood 150watt/ch power amp driving (2) 1970's vintage JBL large bookshelf front speakers
*1980's Sansui 100watt/ch driving (2) rear surround speakers
*1980's Pioneer 200watt/ch power amp driving the subwooffer and center speaker

Obviously a very limited budget, thanks

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Should I use a powered subwoofer (KLH, Sony, Yamaha) in addition to a Bose AM 10 system. I have a Yamaha A/V receiver that has a subwoofer port. Right now I connected all the L/R/C/LR/RR speakers to the Yamaha receiver, these are also connected to the Bose AM10 bass module. Question is if I get any additonal benefit of having a powered sub-woofer and if I do connect a sub how should I connect the RR/LR speakers. Appreciate any advice/help on this.


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try it and decide if you like it or not. Experiment!

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Markus88, if your receiver has A/B outputs for the front speakers, you can run the B outputs into the speaker line inputs on the subwoofer. Doesn't work as well as a sub out though. I ended up buying a new Onkyo receiver and I'm real happy. Good luck with your setup!

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