Connect dvr to vcr using stablilzer?


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I tried to closely follow a previous post and am now completely confused.

I purchased everything that was indicated. The pioneer DVR 320 manual is printed in Mexico and my inkjet prints better. Consequently, trying to read the directions, at my age, is near impossible with both my glasses on and using a magnifying glass. :-)
I also got the stabilizer recommended. The connection diagram looks like it was drawn by my grandson. Since most of the posters seemed to have understood everything, I must assume it is me and not the diagram. :-(

Here's what I don't understand. When connecting the stabilzer I am using a cable splitter for the audio connection since there is only one audio connection on the stabilizer and two audio connections ( L & R ) on the cable. Ok, That seems the way to go, but, what do I do with the video? It doesn't seem as though there will be any video feed if those 2 wires are not hooked up?

Next my vcr is already hooked up to my home theater system. The manual says to hook up VCR out to DVD in to record tapes to dvd. That set of connections is already used by the TV. Do I need to, and can I, split those connections as well?

Can anyone help this Old Dog learn some new tricks. I have a very extensive video library that is degrading quickly and I'd like to get them copied to dvd so I can preserve them.
Thanks in advance for any help I can get.


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You can conect VCR out to the DVD in and then connect the DVD out to the TV. To play the VCR you need to turn on the DVD player and the video should pass through to the TV.

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Thanks for the reply. My setup is a little more complex and I think I'll have to get a new, inexpensive, vcr and connect to my guest bedroom TV.

The system I wanted to hook up to has a Brighthouse cable/dvr box (BTW, the thing is terrible) >Sony 30" TV (less than 1 yr. old so plenty of inputs and outputs)>160 gb replay TV>Samsung dvd/vcr.

My first problem is getting my head around properly wiring to this setup. My next is if I connect the DVR in front of the dvd/vcr and in to the Replay TV will I still be able to copy my tapes? Will it screw up my current setup. I had to call replay tv support to get the setup to work. I was on the phone for 2 hours before we got it rolling.

If you, or any other experts out there, can tell me how to hook it up to the main set up, great. Otherwise I'll follow that old saying - K I S S - "Keep it simple stupid." Of course the last S is me. :-(

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