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I am building a house and I want a small home theatre system. The living room isn't that big, so I don't need anything huge.

The framing is done, so I want to prewire before the dry wall goes up, but I have a quick question.

I am new to this, so I need to know about cables.

I am going to buy component cables and run them from the receiver location, through the wall, above the fire place where the TV will be located.

Now, so I also need to run a audio cable from the TV back to the receiver as well? Most likely the answer will be yes, but I need to make sure.

Eventually I am going to buy a HD box for my non-HD TV, but I want to make sure I get all the wiring done first and I might not get the box right away. 4&Tab=1&NoMapp=0

I think this is the TV I am going to get.

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first your HDTV. We have that model at work but we had to dig up special cables from to connect the component cables. In the pictures on the Tiger site, look closely at the view which shows the component inputs - they are BNC connectors, not the usual RCA push on connectors found on most component cable sets. Also, you will have to buy an accessory input card (pick one) if you want DVI input or HDMI input, they are not included. This set is really sold as a monitor.

As to your pre-wiring, I would wire an HDMI cable, a set of component cables, a set of L and R stereo audio cables into the wall. If you get that model Panasonic, it has accessory speakers for L and R and a small audio amp built in. I recommend you consider pre-wiring for a full 5.1 or 6.1 stereo layout with all 3 front, 2 side, and 2 or 3 rear speakers and a coax cable lead for the sub-woofer, where ever it goes. It's all easy to do now, very hard to do after the drywall. Just make sure you do a good job of tagging your wires so you remember what they are later when you try to hook it all up.

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Above the fire place may not be a good location for yor plasma, there is a thread discussing this subject. The new Panasonic plasma will be out on the mkt soon and will cheaper and better.Don't buy on of these industrial plasma models. Check out the Panasonic TH-42PX60U. Looking for a good E-mail store see

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