Questions About My Plasma TV Monitor. TV Picture Is Not That Great.


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I got a great deal on a used Fujitsu, Plasma TV monitor. It is not the best, but it is very nice to have. It is my first plasma TV, so I am very happy with it for now.

The TV itself is a monitor only, so it does not have sound nor does it have the RCA jacks and such that most TVs have. I believe that it is a commercial model.

When I use my DVD player to the monitor, it looks great (I use an S-cable for the connection). When it is from the cable box, the picture is not that great.

The set up I currently have is Cable from the wall into my digital cable box. That same type of wire (RF I think it is called), to my Tivo. Then I run the sound to my Surround Sound System and use an S-cable to the TV.

The picture is not that great and I would really like to improve it.

What I am considering:
1. The monitor has a plug on the back that looks like a monitor connection on a computer. I think it is called the RBG input. The part that comes off the monitor, has 5 wires to it. They are strange plugs. A friend said I could buy adapters that go on the ends of the 5 wires (only using 3 of them), and then use RCA cables to hook them up to my Tivo or DVD (DVD is not hooked up right now).

2. I have Charter cable now. I was thinking of seeing if they have an upgrade to their cable box that would allow me to use a different set of cables or an upgrade to cables so that I could improve the picture.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I do not have an instruction manual, nor can I find any information on the net as to how I should set it up.

A friend said he could get me a used Plasma for real cheap, so I said yes. I did not think I would get a plasma for a couple of more years, so I never looked into them.

I believe that this monitor is a commercial version.

Here is the monitor I have (mine is the PDS 4229 W-B), but I think the pds4229 is what matters:
Fujitsu PDS 4229

If I'm hearing you right you've only got s-video and RGB inputs?
All of my inputs on the monitor are: Component Input (PR/CR Y PB/CB), RGB Input, RS-232C, S-Video Input, and video input (the plug looks like the component plugs)

you could hook it up via component to the RGB port on the plasma usingthis cable at Monoprice
Yes, that cable will work. In fact, I was going to get adapters so that the RCA cable would hook on the monitor. I did not know they sold the ones with the actual adapters on it. So hook up the TV RF to Tivo, but run a better cable (like RCA), to the TV from the box?

Does your cable box have any other outputs other than to run just a regular cable to the TV?
I have a Motorola DCT 2224 cable box. It has RF In/Out, Aux In/Out (RCA), Video In/Out (RCA), Data - Which is what you hook up to Tivo so that Tivo can change channels, It has "s-video" on the back of the cable box, but it is an indentation on the back and there is not actually a place to put the s-video. It looks like they make them so that they can have s-video, but only on some boxes, not on mine.

You don't have to upconvert, but if your Tivo and or has component output, you'd be best off using them. If you have the model number, we could give more precise input on hook-up strategies.
My Tivo has the following on it: USB, Video In/Out (RCA), S-video In/Out, and of course, RF In/Out. It is a model # TCD540040

Is ?This the kind of cable coming off the back of the monitor?
Yes, that is exactly the same wire.

I am using a Sony Surround Sound System. It has the following input/outputs on it:
DVD, Video, TV/Sat, CD, and Aux In/Out (All RCA). Monitor S-Video Out, S-video DVD Video In, DIgital DVD

I tried a bunch of combinations, and finally settled on the one I said I had. The only other choice that I did not try, was to use the DVD and run s-cable from it to Tivo, then to the TV. It sounds like it would not have been much better.

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