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just bought onkyo sr503 ,panasonic dvd recorder dmres20 ,and sony hi fi vcr recorder slv n750 at cc last week,been trying for 5 days to get the right hookups,cannot seem to figure out how to hookup to record on vcr or dvd,the way the manual shows,it seems i can only hookup one recorder to my onyko sr 503..i have a toshiba 32a33 stereo tv with video 1 and video 2 inputs and one av output,tv also has component video jacks,and i want to hookup my sat receiver box to this system simple l/r audio outs and video out,also has s -vhs out..... it seems that every time i get something hooked up right ,another component wont work right ..if possible i would like a detailed description on how to hook up all of these things to get best possible sound and picture,also want to be able to record on either vcr or dvd from regular cable and my sat,and record a vcr tape to dvd.. i think there should be a web site somewhere where you can punch in all your component model numbers and bam! it would show you hookup diagrams for all...guess theres no such site...all help appreciated soon, because my wife is ready to throw me out for driving her crazy with this mess....thank you in advance

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connect aerial to vhs aerial input then vhs aerial output to tv aerial input.Tune the channels to the vhs . connect vhs outputs to reciever VIDEO audio inputs and video(Yellow plug)to tv av 1 or 2. Connect dvd outputs to reciever DVD audio inputs and yellow plug to tv av 1 or 2 whatever isnt being used. Connect tv output to reciever TV inputs. Thats what i would do. If still not working disconnect the vhs yellow plug from back of tv and watch the videos on a channel you have tuned the video for. If your receiver doesnt have that much inputs get a av selector with enough inputs for the dvd vhs and tv.

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I find it interesting how so many people go through so much trouble to connect everything...days go by and nothing gets accomplished. Save yourself the headache.

I paid $40 to have a professional AV techician come to my house and connect everything. It was well worth the money.

Call your local AV suppliers.

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and make sure they are union

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