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15" Cerwin Vega Subwoofer is 13X18..50" LCD and couch is back 10 feet....should I place sub at back center, close to the wall, a 18' close to main built-in rack...OR I am planning on building a home made stand for the Grand Wega....should I incorporate the sub in the enclosure putting ports for air? or that is not a good idea?
thanks again.

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Close to a wall won't hurt, centre left will be ok, facing listening area. What works for your ears is best. Not the most striaghtforward answer, but there are already plenty of debates in these forums regarding pacement etc, just do a search.

A lot of people say that placing the sub at your average listening position (head level when comfortably seated) then moving around the room until you find the "sweet spot" willlocate the best place in relation to your rooms acoustics. But the WAF can e quite lw for this technique if it is in the middle of the floor...

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If we were talking about audio only (no video), then you could put the SW almost anywhere in the room and get decent bass. However, you're using it in conjunction with your TV in a home theater configuration. Your use dictates positioning the SW at the front of the room. Why? Because Hollywood triggers LFE explosions, blasts, etc., by routing them to the SW first and then to the other speakers. Studio soundmen always work from the premise that your SW is up front. Can you do it another way? Sure, that's up to you.

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Thanks for the info Michael and Stevizard...
I guess I'm going to have to figure something out as It's pretty tight with my 2 Cerwin Vegas VS120 and the Sony 50" as it place for the sub in front unless I make some sort of stand..back to the drawing board.
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