Lenght for Component Cabling or SVIDEO or???


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I am planning my home theatre.....I would like to build a built-in rack for the components but it would be 17 feet back of the 50" LCD so roughly a 25' cable to feed either the DVD or Satellite inputs.....what's your take on that.I do not want to spend $100 per cable so if I buy a cheap $30 or $40 will I lose picture quality or because it is digital any lenght will be the same.....25' compared to a 6'.

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There were be no resolution loss with the digital cables. The signal is still verified at the other end. Now a cheaper cable may give you glitches in the picture itself so you may want to buy better cable if not $100 per cable.


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Twenty-five foot cable runs are very common, so you're not doing anything unusual. However, using inexpensive cables are usually a waste of money. Long cable runs attract interference from household wiring and from outside sources. If your cable runs anywhere near an electrical outlet or overhead lighting, then I strongly recommend spending some real money on cables. After all, you'll have them forever. You'll be in the neighborhood of $150 for 25 feet of quality component cabling or $250 for HDMI.

I just love reading this kind of post. Everyone wants the BEST audio & video quality, but you can't get it "on the cheap". You still get EXACTLY what you pay for. If you buy cheap components & cabling, you will get subpar images and sound . . . there is no way around it.

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yeah Stevi I know...I guess I wanted to know if the 25' back to the rack was ok...I guess I will spend the $$$ to get what I want..
thanks again for your feedback and also Stof's..

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