Help with setup needed!


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Could someone please help me set up this "entertainment"! I'd like to set it up with the best clarity possible.

I need to setup the following:

Echostar DV3 MPEG 2
has s-video out and RCA outputs

Humax 40hr DVR Series 2 for Tivo
audio/video output: component, s-video, RCA and digital/audio out
audio/video input: s-video and RCA
cable/antenna RF In and RF out

Mitsubishi HD 1080 Series
Monitor Out: RCA
Inputs 1-2: s-video and RCA
DTV 480/480P/1080i (I've no idea what this is)Inputs:,(Y Pb Pr), RGB sync on green, and RGB plus H&V
Component 480/480P/1080 Inputs 1-2 (again, I've not a clue) Y, Pb Pr Audio-Left Mono and Audio Right
Antenna (Ant-A, Loop Out, and Ant-B

Yamaha R-1105 A/V Receiver
which has so many inputs and outputs I don't know how to write them all but includes:
digital signal: CD (optical), DVD/LD (coaxial), DVD/LD (optical) and TV/DBS (optical)
s-video signal only for monitor out, and vcr in and out
RCA for video and audio signal DVD/LD, TV/DBS, and VCR in and out

Sony DVP-C600D cd/dvd player
out:component video, s-video, RCA w/s-link, optical digital and coaxial

Thanks much for any help!


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try this site

and if you like a lot of reading, you can also try this site justfor info

\Message Board: Home Theater: Home Theater Setup & Planning: The ultimate theatre setup guide

Use this link to go directly to the discussion:

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Thanks Arnie! Greatly appreciated!

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no problem i just to post a bit before but seem to run out of thing to say

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