Yamaha RX-V2600 or HTR-5990 ??? Any help??


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I'm having a hard time deciding between the RX-V2600 and the HTR-5990. I'm mainly having a problem just determining what differences there are between them. Is anyone familiar with both?

1. The Yamaha web page for the HTR-5990 says it's 980 watts (140x7), yet other sources INCLUDING the manual for it on Yamaha's site states that it is 910w (120 x 7). So, which is it?

2. What are the other major differences between them? (Comparison charts on Yamaha's site hasn't been updated to include both models). I noticed the HTR doesn't do video up-scaling to as high of a resolution and has some very small differences in sound field programs.

Can anyone help differentiate these two? Also, is there any actual, or claimed, difference between the RX-V and HTR series regarding quality and dependability?

Thanks for any help !!!!

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My vote go to the RX-V2600. It is not about the watts, so get that out of your system. The RX series IMO is better built than the HT-R series. Better power supplies.

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Go for the RX-V2600. It uses YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) Now that's a mouthfull. What it does is ajust all of your speakers for you using a supplied mic that you hook up to the receiver. It checks for speaker distance, size, level,checks cable connections and ajust frequency characteristics. I have the RX-V2500 and I love it. For a full review see

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This from Yamahas site.

Two quick points. YPAO is on both and a half hour of your time with a sound meter and a sound and vision disc will do a much better job.

Berny is right on the fact that the RX is built better with certain parts focused on audio, however I think that the power supplies are the same. Both high current.

Still for the price difference I would go with the RX.

What Is The Difference Between The RX-V Line And The HTR Line?

There are many similarities between these two product lines. The RX-V line and the HTR line are produced in the same Yamaha factory using the same high quality parts throughout. The RX-V and equivalent HTR models have the same warranty periods, the same manufacturer's suggested retail price, the same features, and the same remote control units.

There is a cosmetic difference found on the front panels of these two lines. The RX-V line maintains the traditional white colored lettering normally found on most Yamaha components, while the HTR line provides a slightly different approach. Yamaha has created a new look by using gold colored lettering in selected areas on the HTR receiver series. However, both the RX-V line and the HTR line feature the same high quality front panel construction.

The amplifiers in the HTR and RX-V units are identical but rated differently to comply with the accepted measurement standards of their respective channels of distribution. Both ratings are FTC approved and are designed to handle the dynamics of today's audio and video sources. The RX-V line has the power amplifiers rated from 20-20000 Hz. The HTR line has the power amplifiers rated at 1000 Hz. Both lines can reproduce the full frequency response of 20-20000 Hz.

The RX-V line is typically sold through Yamaha authorized audio/video specialty retailers, and is not available for mail order sales, phone sales, or internet sales.

The HTR line is sold through mass merchants, catalog retailers, and department stores. You may also purchase the HTR line through the mail, by phone, or at authorized internet retailers.

All transactions must be done through the authorized Yamaha dealer network. Any purchase made from an unauthorized dealer/retailer voids the Yamaha manufacturer's warranty.

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