Home Theater beginner, a couple questions..


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Hey whats up, I just came across this forum tonight and after reading it over for an hour or so, I decided ya'll were the ones who could help me out. I'm new to the whole 'home theater' system, but it has always intrigued and impressed me (i.e. watching dvd's at friend's houses who had a decent setup). Anyways, my girlfriend and I watch enough movies and have enough parties these days to where I want to purchase some decent equipment to entertain ourselves and all of our friends.

I currently have:
Hitachi 60'' Rear Projection LCD TV
Panasonic DVD-S97S Progressive Scan Player

I plan on purchasing:
JBL Northridge E80 Floorstanding Speakers
JBL Northridge EC35 Center Channel
JBL Northridge E10 Mount/Bookshelf Speakers

I want to purchase the speakers relatively soon (probably by this weekend) but I wanted to make sure they are decent. My living room is relatively small, and these speakers sound great at Best Buy.

I also need a receiver, the Best Buy employee recommended the Yamaha HTR-5850BL - and I was wondering if there is an alternative to this. Main reason, it only comes in black, and everything else I have is grey.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

VELPO (future audiophile)

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This is not a bad setup; however if you want to get better audio you may want to dig deeper in this site for speaker and receiver selections. If you are set on the Yamaha, take a look at for a whole bunch of refurbished Yamaha HT plus some decent Denon systems for pretty decent prices.


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You are right, the HTR-5850BL only comes in black...but the HTR-5850SL is EXACTLY the same...but silver, dumbass!

I have the black version and its f#cking awesome...just bought it two days ago, and I haven't had much of a chance to mess around with the settings...but it sounds amazing right out of the box, and will sound even better once I have it set up to my liking.

This sh#t is great with my Xbox360.

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As Stof says this is not a bad setup, and it should perform well in your relatively small living room. If you liked the JBL system, then I say go for it, especially if you can properly mount and position the E10 rears. And welcome to the forum.

Big Cleetus, your adolescent exuberance is certainly understandable given your age, but your "dumbass" remark is totally inappropriate. If you want to be taken seriously on this forum the first thing to do is regester and the second thing is to add intelligent expletive-free contributions....but only after your homework is done.

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