Red, Black, Green, White wires? My speakers only have 2


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My house was prewired for 3 pairs of speakers. They were all rough-in with holes cut out and wires hanging out of them, (Green,red) When I go to the wall panel. I took off the face plate to see 3 wires (the three sets) and 4 wires in each wire, red, black, green, white. I tryed to hook up the wires to my receiver, then my speakers and got nothing. HELP!!!!!!

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I would have expected the left channel to be one color pair (say, red/green) and the right channel to be the other (Black/white). Maybe your builder can explain what they did. If not, I would try to sort it out using a AA battery. Pick one wire (say, red) and hold it to one end of the battery. Then, tap the remaining 3 against the opposite end of the battery until you get a clicking sound from a speaker. Now you have identified a pair of wires for that speaker. Label them with tape. Then test the remaining pair of wires from that set, see what speaker they go to. Repeat for the other wire sets. HTH!

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Try taking a picture and show us. Your description is kinda of confusing. First, how many connections are there in the faceplate? Are there 3 pairs (6 plugs) or 12 plugs? How many wires coming out of the cutout holes? 2 or 4?

If there are only 3 pairs (6 plugs) then who cares if each wire is made of 4 little wires? It's would still be considered one wire.

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Yeah most def need and picture.

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multimeter could help too...

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