Limited digital audio connectivity workarounds?


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Hi all,

I am considering purchasing a sony DAVSC6 ( d=21635 ) for using as primarily a speaker system to power my PC, PS2, and maybe in future Ipod or other device via AUX.

As far as I can see the only line in connectivity this system provides is 1x optical digital in and Audio Line In x 2 (which im assuming is analog?)

So what I need to know is there any workaround based double adapters or convertors available in order to establish a second digital in connection to the system? My pc has an optical connection, coaxial connection as well as 3 8 cannel IO jacks so I could use any of these.

The optical connection in the system will be used by the PS2, 1x audio line in will be used by the ipod/portable device, which leaves me with 1 digital connection needed for the HTPC

Hopefully there is some way I can do this without have to unplug the optical connection every time I want to change between pc/PS2 and if there is an adaptor solution hopefully it can allow both inputs to coexist without having to manually change a selector switch or similar.

Thanks for any info

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Yep, there are some optical switch box out there such as this one:

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Sorry, the link above is in Australia. I saw some on Ebay also.

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cheers for the link. However - switch :/ Trying to avoid that if possible

Here's the problem:

the model is available at cost price online. The model has been discontinued, so there's no way for me to phyisically inspect it.

The model is a dream theatre which is supposedly the premire class sony is offering

The specs are


Component Out: Rear x 1
S-Video Out: Rear x 1
Audio Line In: Rear x 2
Audio Line Out: Rear x 1
Optical Digital In: Rear x 1
Video In: Rear x 2
Video Out: Rear x 1
Headphone Jack: Yes

Given that it is a relatively new (only discontinued around june last year) and middle class system, would [b]Audio Line In: Rear x 2 [/b] be full analog surround jacks (ie 2x lr 2x front & back, centre and sub) <- like that. or would they be simple rca left/right anaolg jacks? What's everyone opinion?

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