Is this 'hard' connection conversion possible?


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Hi, I'm planning to get the HT-AT4000DV home theater system made by Sharp.

I have two main questions here, the firs tof which is:

The receiver has the following inputs:

1x FM antenna
1x Ground
1x AM
1x "Pre-amp subwoofer" RCA
3x Stereo RCA Line inputs
1x Coaxial Digital
1x Optical Digital

Since it outputs directly to the speakers, that looks like this:

My problem: The 5.1 Speakers I already have set up, which I really like, have three 1/8" plugs for their input, because they are designed for use with a computer.

My question:
Can I simply strip the three 1/8" wires into their 12 individual wires and connect them to the twelve shown in the above picture?

If I did, would the speakers reproduce the sound like normal? Howabout the sub? Would this just effectively add another volume control? (the my current speakers have built-in)

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Username: Decker

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As for the second question, My computer has an optical digital out. The receiver I am interested in has a digital coaxial in (thats the orange one, ight) and an optical digital in. My DVD Player has optical and digital outs.

Is it okay to connect:
Optical digital out on PC to optical digital in on my receiver.
Coaxial Digital out on DVD Player to coax digital in on receiver.

Would this produce true 5.1 sound from both the PC and the DVD Player?

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