Help with Yamaha HTR5740 , Klipsch Quintet and Sub


I'm a newbie and could use some help. I just bought the Yamaha HTR5740, Klipsch Quintet II and Klipsch 10" sub. For now, I'm running a digital optical out from a Toshiba DVD player into the receiver. DVD player is set to "bitstream" out.

1. When I setup the receiver using the Yamaha basic setup feature, does it matter if I specify that I have 6.1 speakers v. 5.1 (even though I only have 5.1 connected)? I assume there should not be a difference except that a 6.1 coded dvd would only play through 5.1...

2. Is there a "best" setting on the receiver for listening to ordinary audio CDs? Does it matter how the CD is coded and how do I tell?

3. Same question as #2 but for DVDs.

4. Any thoughts on whether the Yam and Klipsh sys I bought was a good choice.

It it helps, my receiver manual is at:

Thanks in advance

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