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Thanks Berny and John for your input. I actually had the correct hook ups for the DVD audio to play through my home theater. But, when I checked the audio, I originally had my VCR and my TV on...not the DVD. So the DVD plays correctly through my HTS. I would also like to have the TV (at least), and maybe the VCR play through my HTS. But I am not sure how or if that can be accomplished. Currently I have my new VCR/DVD player with a composite connection directly to the TV and a digital coax cable to my HTS receiver. Any ideas?

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p.s. I have no audio outs on my I am looking for some way to bring the TV and VCR audio through the HTS receiver.

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I need some more info-
You said your dvd player is actually a dvd/vcr combo? I'd think the sound from your vcr would go to the receiver through that digital coax. If not you may have to run a seperate set of rca jacks (red/white) from the vcr to the HTS.
Also, what is the source of your TV signal? Antenna, satellite, cable? And if it is cable do you have a cable box?

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Registered: Jan-05 signal is cable and i don't have a cable box. i was thinking the same thing..i have to run the RCA jacks from the VCR/DVD player to the HTS. the digital coax only gives me sound from the DVD player. nothing from the VCR or the TV. i guess this could be because the digital coax is only for digital signals (DVD).

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Here is what you have TV can use the VCR to listen to Hi-Fi Stereo (if you have one of these) and connect that to your HTS and leave your DVD hooked up to the digital coax. But some receivers don't allow you to hook up both analog audio and digital coax at the same time.

cable coax

connect that to your VCR RF-in
connect VCR RF-out to your TV
use VCR audio to your HTS input
DVD is okay as you said

Digital coax unless your HTS had inputs for TV, DVDR, but you just have the one connector.

So that's for your DVD only.

TV - out of the picture here

VCR is what you have to work with to produce playback sound.

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thanks tip...that's what i was figuring...i will take your advice and try that in the morning. too much Call of Duty online just a little while ago and my head is spinning.

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