Front tower speaker placement question


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Hi everyone,

I am designing a new entertainment center for my Sony KDF-50WE655, audio components, and front surround sound speakers.

I have a set of PSB 5T tower speakers for my left and right fronts. I was planning on placing them at thew same height as the TV (about 17 inches off the ground). Is that too high? I talked to a guy at a home theatre speciallty store and he said that was too high is I'm sitting across the room on the couch. He said the tweeters would be firing about my head and it wouldn't sound as good... and they would lose some of the bass. Here's a picture of what I was designing. Does anyone have feedback on if it's a good or bad design? Thanks a lot!



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That looks sharp!
My only concerns would be
1) Vibration- The front towers may cause the whole cabinet to vibrate since they are resting in the cabinet.
2) Tweeter height- The tweeters may be firing above your head when your seated. This can be compensated for by tilting the speakers forward and placing something under the bottom rear of the speaker. It doesn't take much.
3) Tinted or solid doors- If your components are in here it makes it tough to use your remotes. Unless you leave the doors open when using your system i'd only put doors on where your storing dvds.

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Thanks johnm,

I didn't think about vibration. Hmmm... As for tweeter height, since the actual speakers are only top 2/3 of the speaker cabinet, I wonder if I could flip the entire speaker upside down? That would make them align better, but the tweeters would be on the bottom. I wouldn't think I'd have a problem with tinted glass and the remotes.


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No don't do it that way..

I see you have some space in this cabinet. You could lift the speakers off the bottom by a few inchs. But one question for you? The speaker port I take it at the rear or is it in the front for bass.

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tip... the speaker port is in the front.
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