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hello i there are so many subjects to post on this site forgive me if i should be posting this elsewhere. i recently bought a new APEX "PF2025" 20" flat screen tv w/ component video and when i took a look at the back a noticed a couple things first my component hookups (YCbCr) are red, yellow, and blue instead of red, green, and blue. what is the difference? which is better? i currently have my ps2 connected with component video cables that are red, green, and blue but it seems to work fine with the green cable in the yellow plug, and i get a very nice picture out of it. second my white and red RCA audio inputs seem like they may be switched around all tvs ive seen go yellow-white-red mine go yellow-red-white so i have to twist the cords around to plug em in to the same color on the tv. this brings me back to the component video cables i have for my playstation. the cords are rather thick and do not pull apart. so twisting them around is difficult. thus i have the white cord going into the red plug and red cord to white plug. i know on the tv one says left audio and one says right so will putting white to red and red to white make a difference in sound? or is it the same either way? thanks

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