Trying to get surround thru my speakers


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Hello, A friend of mine hooked up my surround sound and when I watch tv thru my vcr only my center, my left front and my right back speaker play well of course my sub as well. When I play dvds or cds every speaker works. Are only them speakers supposed to play when I watch tv thru the vcr? If you know what I should do then please tell me. Thanks.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that your right back speaker is hooked into the front right speaker on your reciever. The tv signal might only be two channels of sound, right and left; your reciever might not send any of that sound to your rear speakers. And if your reciever thinks that your front right is actually a rear speaker, than voici le problem. The DVD and CDs might send sound to all of your speakers, making the mixup unnoticeable at first.

To test my theory, try to find the feature on your reciever that allows you to test each speaker. The reciever should concentrate sound into each speaker one at a time. That way you can tell if the reciever is hooked up right.

Oh yeah, and if I'm right, be sure to poke fun at your friend next time you see him. :-)

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I just tried the test and the only thing I found that was hooked up wrong was that the two back speakers were in the opposite connections. I tried the tv and now all the sound is coming out of the left side and nothing on the right. If you have any other ideas on my problem please let me know. I appreciate you helping me since I have no clue on this. peace.

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My geuss is the signal coming form your tv is mono
to test it take the RCA wire in the left side input(white) and put it in the right input witch is red

to make life simple forget about the top and any thing to do with colors and just switch them around

*still don't get it (white/red) to (red/white)

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I just tried moving new cords and adding new cords but everything still plays in mono. are there any adapters or anything I could buy but hopefully there is something where I don't need to buy anything else. If anyone had anymore ideas please tell me. Thanks.

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If you buy a y adapter it still going to be mono
do you have pro logic as a feature on your decoder?

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VCR is it Hi-Fi Stereo or Mono.



Make sure you aim the rear surrounds like this below

} - facing each other = {

Does your system have Dolby Pro Logic or II
Dolby Digital or Digital Theater Sound?
The VCR is the key here if one channel isn't working or the audio cable is damage you won't hear anything right.


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Hey everyone I finally fixed the problem. The vcr was playing mono and I switched it for another one I found around the house. Thanks for everyone helping me on this I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

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