Trouble with component video cables while hooking up DVD


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I tried hooking up my new Harmon Kardon DVD 22 to my Harmon Kardon 520 reciever with component video cables.

I hooked the component video cable to the back of the DVD player to the back of the reciever. And I get no picture. The only way to get picture is by running a crappy video line.

Why won't component video work? I hooked it into the DVD slot on the reciever.

Any help appreciated.

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How do you have your reciever connected to your tv?

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I didn't see where you connected the component video from the receiver to the Tv's Component input, so I'm going to assume that the highest level input on the TV is composite (yellow coax).

Don't know of any AV receivers that up/dn convert signal levels, they just pass the signal through on the same level. Unfortunately, the signal inputs on the back of the TV also signify the best resolution that your set going to reproduce, so using component into the AV and downconverting to composite (if it could) would be as waste of time.


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I'm having a similar problem. Here are the video connections:

DVD recorder output (component cable) to TV input.
TV input (component cable) to A/V receiver output.
Cable box output (component) to A/V receiver.
Cable box output (coax) to DVD RF input.
DVD RF ouput (coax) to TV RF input.

Everything seems to be connected correctly "according to instructions", but I can't get a picture. I've also tried connecting the DVD component cable to the receiver instead of the TV, but still no picture. The only way I can get a picture is to connect the DVD with a composite cable to the TV. It also works when the composite cable is connected to the receiver. I thought the problem might be the component cable itself, but I tried that cable in a different location and it seems to work fine. Could the problem be the component jacks on the DVD recorder or the TV? I don't have any other equipment with component jacks to switch out and test to see if it works with them.

Sorry, John, to butt in on your thread here, but I was really glad to come across this topic. Hopefully we'll both get some help!

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I don't want to come off as insulting, but I have been called in on a case where the guy was hooking Component outs to Composite ins. Matching the color of the RCA jacks from output to input is very important. The DVD Component output directly to the TV component input Should work in your case!

If all that is square, be mindful that the AV receiver only passes the video signals from the input to output. So Yellow in (composite) equals yellow out, S-Vid in equals S-Vid out, and RGB in (Component), well you get the story.

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