Best use of old speakers and $500 new components


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Here's the deal. I have a really old Technics receiver (ProLogic Only). I also have a set of 5 Technics SB-AFC31 speakers & 1 Technics SB-W31 Subwoofer (8 ohm, 260W music). I also have 2 DCM TimeFrame TF500 speakers (used for listening to music), which could be used as well.

My budget is around $500 CDN. I want something for better surround from Xbox & DVDs (Dolby Digital). What would be best? To just buy a new receiver (and which one) for exsisting speakers, or to buy a whole new system HTIB, since I don't know how good my current speakers are.

Thank you for your advice,

Peter Forbes

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well you should go with a new reciever its the start of many things to come.

If you live near a futureshop take a look at harmon/kardon don't even think about Sony there AV amps are crap

Harmon/Kardon AVR130 $575approx with tax
Yamaha HTR570S $517aprox with tax

If you need more info email me
tax's were done in Qeubec %

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I actually ordered an AVR130 from FS (It was on for $299 boxing week). For whatever reason, the site would state the correct sale price when out of stock, but state full price when they had some in. (This happened three times from the 26-30th December, they kept getting single ones in). Called in when the had some, they said it was never in the flyer. They told me to fax the flyer. I did. No Reply. Next day, they had none in, but listed right price. I called and asked if I could get a 'raincheck' since I wanted one when it was in stock, they said we can't do anything since you didn't order it - if I had they could've price compared. Next day, one more came in. I ordered it, and they wouldn't give it to me for the sale price, even if I faxed them. (Doorcrasher only applies boxing day apparently - the complete opposite of what the other 2 said). I've yet to get a fax back, or reply to either email, which basically said the same thing. Needless to say the receiver was cancelled, and I'd prefer to avoid FutureShop.

PS - I even talked to the manager - "Not in the flyer". I faxed it to her, called her back. Apparenlty she didn't get the fax well.

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