Speaker Insulation?


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Hello. I've had a home theater in a box for quite some time. I recently decided to rebuild my speaker enclosures to give them a more solid look. When I disassembled the old ones, there was a strip of insulation glued to the inside walls of each speaker. I am curious as to the purpose of this insulation and what would be considered a good replacement, or if it is even necessary at all. I believe it would be some sort of sound dampener, but it is just a guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am holding off sealing the speakers until this issue is resolved. Thanks for reading everyone.

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that it is a (Damper) it tricks the speaker into thinking that its in a bigger box then it really is. vi sa vi lower bass responce

the more you add the bigger the speaker thinks it is test it to your tastes by adding or removing insulation

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