Speaker arrangement.


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I have a good 5.1 system added on to my Pioneer elite PRO 107.
I am using the TV's very good speakers for the center channel as fed from a Sony SDP E800. I have two large front and read speakers but no subwoofer.
How close to the TV would you put the two front speakers?

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That is a good question. Some experts say farther apart so you will have a wider soundstage without losing the center. Other experts say closer for a more solid soundstage (if you choose to set them close to the tv, make sure they are video shielded to prevent tv distortion due to the magnets). A good rule of thumb is to have the speakers at a 45 degree angle from your listening position. To get a 45 degree spread, the distance between the speakers should be close to 3/4 the distance from your listening position. For example, if your speakers are 10 feet from your listening position, the two speakers should be 7 1/2 feet apart. Many people place the three front speakers in a straight line across the front. However, the speakers can be placed in the form of a silght arc so that all three speakers are the same distance from your listening area. Keeping their distances the same will assure the sound reaches your ears from each speaker at the same time. Feel free to experiment with what sound best to you since it's all based on personal preference.

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