What should I upgrade next-what is wrong with my setup?


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I had an old stereo system which consisted of:

NAD 302 integrated amplifier
NAD 502 CD-player
NAD 402 tuner
Linn Index speakers
Linn k-20 speaker cables
Sony DVD player

Few weeks ago I started upgrading my old system for HT. After some research I got the following:

Linn Trikan center speaker
Linn Unik surround speakers
Linn Afekt subwoofer
NAD T753 a/v receiver
Monster interconnect cables
(I will be using the old Linn Index in the front)

I am getting a new NAD T753 from my dealer, since the first one had the hiss problem. I hope the new one will be OK.
The sound from my old NAD 302 had better low freq response to the front speakers. The NAD T753 receiver doesn't come even close. Of course the sub can compensated for that, but I have the feeling that I am not getting the sound that I expected from the front speakers (I cannot really compare the rest of the speakers, since I never had HT setup before). I played with the crossover settings, I also removed the sub completely but the front speakers still did not performed as well as on the NAD 302. Is this normal? I would expect the same sound quality (for 2 channel music) from the T753, considering the fact that the 302 is 10 years old and it was not a top of the line model. Maybe this is just a fact and I have to live with it.
Do you see something wrong with my choices (well I guess now it is too late since I made the purchase already)? What do you think is my weak point / or what should I upgrade next?
Your opinion will be very helpful.

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