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hi - trying to figure out what is the better layout for speaker positioning. Freestanding and wall-hanging speakers are not an option. As you can see from the pic, the room is a little challenging to set-up as there is no back-wall and the sofa is not dead-center to the TV (50" Pioneer). Distance from the TV to the sofa is approx 12 feet.

My question: should I go in-wall or in-ceiling mount? For in-wall I was considering the Polk series, center channel unit right beneath the TV set, front spealers on the same front wall, rears directly inline with the back of the sofa.

For in-ceiling I have heard a few mention AIM speakers (SpeakerCraft), and they themselves suggest all 5 units in the ceiling.

Any opinions?


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I have done several systems, like yours, using in-wall speakers and had very good results. However, these rooms are understandably 'fixed'. Yours appears to be fluid and since your sweet spot is offcentered, I would lean toward the ceiling speakers. (if satellite stands are definitely out)

Check this link out, speakers with an aimable tweeter tend to project the content better and can position the sound closer to your intended sweet spot. Be ready to spend some cash though.

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I'm having a problem with my rear speaker placement , how far away from the head do you have to be to create great sound? and should the rear speakers be placed basicaly alligned with the front speakers ?
Also I'm goin to be mounting my rear's on the wall behind the couch , but not to sure of the hight I should place them at ( the couch does rest against the wall )
plz help .. I want the best sound I can possibly get . thx in advance

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The rear surrounds should be basically just behind the "sweet spot", couch in other words, at about ear level. Rule of thumb.

I have placed them everywhere from directly at the sides to 4-5ft behind and above. So there is no absolute if your system dimensions are configurable. (ie. you can set the delay or distance from the listening area.)

With 5.1 and up the content is recorded with the rule of thumb dimensions, but most processors allow tailoring.

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