Where should my speakers go???


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I am having trouble placing my speakers, I recently got the pioneer 1014tx-k and the athena micra 6's. My concerns are should my speakers be at ear level or could they attatch to the ceiling, if I attatch them to the walls they will have to be closer to the tv because of the doorways. In the corner of the room where the sectional buts against the wall will that back right speaker be annoying to anyone sitting there? Also should my back left be at the end of the couch or all the way in the corner, not sure what is going there yet but it is kind of a dead area, about five feet.


Thank you for all your help and have a happy and safe new year


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The center channel speaker is easy since you will want to place it above or below the tv. Rather than mounnting your front right and left speakers on the wall, try placing them on stands. Wal-Mart sells stands for $30/pair made by atlantic and their just as good as the $80 dollar ones at electronic stores. The stands are adjustable so you can set them at ear level. I will recommend ear level. Do not worry about them being close to the tv due to the doors since your listening area is only 7 feet away (overall soundstage shouldn't be affected). The two surround speakers can be wall mounted. You can mount them on the rear wall so that they are higher than ear level (not all the way to the ceiling though) so the speaker will not blast directly into someones ear. I prefer to place my surrounds so that they are close to a mirror image of the front two with regards to their distance (same distance apart). I have also read that you can pull your couch out from the wall slightly and place the speakers on something so they are firing at the ceiling. More reflective than direct sound. I haven't tried it though, just an idea for you to consider. Feel free to experiment since the setup and sound is all personal perference!

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