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Hi guys and gals, I got this cheap 200 watt home theater for xmas, I hooked it all up, and I connected the reciever to my DVD player. I am expecting Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, but my reciever won't detect the digital input, and switched right to analog, not using my rear speakers. I can use Pro Logic, but instead I get a downmixed 2 channel output. So here's what I did:

I connected the L/R RCA's from the L/R outputs on my DVD player to the AV1 L/R inputs on my reciever. Then I used a regular RCA cable in place of a digital coaxial cable from the DVD's digital audio out to the recievers digital audio in (I heard you could use regular RCA cable). But still no Dolby Digital 5.1. Is there maybe a setting on my DVD player to force it to use its digital outputs? I don't know but I'm getting frustrated, lol, I might have to take it back and exchange it for an uhh.... unpirated version of Half-Life 2 hehehe.

When I hit setup on the DVD player the "Digital Setup" option is greyed. So I go into my audio mode and switch from PCM to Analog, and then the "Digital Setup" option is available. But still once i choose it, my reciever won't detect the DD. Could it be because I'm using an RCA cable in place of a Digital Coax?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated guys!

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Use the PCM output and turn on Dolby Digital and DTS output.
PCM is what you use for digital surround.

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In audio setup i changed it from SPDIF/PCM to Analog, and then the Digital Setup option is available.
Then it looks like this:

DUAL MONO > Stereo


Maybe you could help better if you went here:

Brand: Venturer
Category: Home Theater
Model: AV1000

Here's the link to the manual:

I can't find the manual for my DVD Player. But I'm sure it has DD5.1, it says it on the front, plus it's a very versatile DVD player......

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I looked at the manual on your Home Theater, but I can't find the DVD player.

Anyway, do not connect the analog RCA jacks from the DVD player, just use the digital cable and turn on the spdif/pcm.

What DVD player is it?

Jane Lopez
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Hey guys,I need helllllp!!!!
I just got a dvd home theater system for Christmas
I'm trying to hook it up to my tv.I have a sony
and my dvd is kawasaki,some how i don't get any
image on my tv when i play the dvd.
If any one can help,it wi'be appreciated.

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Can you supply some part numbers? Will try to help but have to look up some manuals first.

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