Specific questions on new home theater setup / cables - any help appreciated.


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Just purchased a new Onkyo HT-S570 5.1 system, and have will be hooking up a TV, DVD, PS2, and Airport Express for wireless audio. I have a few plans and a few questions, and any help and/or comments are appreciated.

My TV and DVD have component video; my new receiver does not. So I will use component cables between DVD and TV. I will connect DVD to receiver with digital coaxial. My first question is:

1) The Onkyo manual says to also hook up a composite video out from the DVD to the receiver and then from the receiver to the TV. Is there any point in this, since for DVD viewing I'll be using the component signal from the DVD to the TV, as my receiver doesn't have component jacks?

2) I assume that in addition to the digital coaxial from DVD to receiver I should also hook up the analog audio from DVD to receiver. Most advice I have read says to do this.

My next issue is hooking up my PS2 and my Airport Express, which allows me to wirelessly play music from my computer through my home stereo. Both the PS2 and Airport have digital optical outs. My receiver only has one digital optical in. I could use a switch. But my question is:

3) The Airport audio out functions as both digital optical and analog optical, depending on the cable used. Digital optical is of course best, but I'll have to use the switch. I want to know if there's a point in using digital optical for this; basically what I'd be playing through the Airport are mp3's, which of course aren't in 5.1. Would there be a difference between using the digital or the analog for this?

Again, any advice is much appreciated.

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1) No, there is no point, the only reason you do that is for convenience, one button one control(at least in theory)

2) You don't need to connect the anologue audio if you so choose, but some prefer the "anologue" sound in stereo.

3) Sorry, no experience in Airport express. But MP3s have the worst sound, so digital or not, doesn't matter.

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