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I finally put enough money on the side to get my 52 inch HD and want to compliment it with some surround sound. I have been researching and have found a lot of INFINITY speakers that I like. I originally was going to go with a HTIB but was told by two of my friends that are into this stuff that they are not the way to go. I am looking to piece together a system (nothing at all elaborate) for around like $1000. Now, I have seen plenty of quality used things on ebay and other places so I'm not afraid of going that route. Money is very tight I just bought my 1st house and got the TV I'm sure some will say spend the extra but thats just not an option right now. And help at all would be appreciated. INFINITY is not necessarily the brand I have to go with but it's just one of the brands I have noticed are good quality and can pick up off ebay. I noticed that ATHENA setup in Best Buy the other day which sounded great to me but I'm sorta turned off by the HTIB after being steered away from it by others. ANY INPUT IS APPRECIATED GUYS.

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Im sorry to say but a HTIB is one of the most horrible sounding devices you can buy. The Athena system of incredible quality and I would recommend it all the way. But if your budget is around $1000 please post again and I will personally select and point out components for you free of charge. If you would like this, just email me at "" thanks.

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