Rewiring my 5.1 Acoutimass into stereo (using 4 cubes)


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Hello all, I am new and have a wiring question.

I am one of those idiots that jumped on board the bose acoutimass wagon back in 97. I have the old Acoustimass 6 system with 5 cute little cubes and a passive bass module. Basically the bass accepts 5 wired channels in and has 5 channels out to the 5 cubes.

I want to punt the surround and reduce this thing to a stereo system somewhere. My thinking is that since I have 4 cubes I might as well use 2 for the left and one for the right. If they are 8 ohms a piece I was thinking about running an RCA (thats what bass uses) jumper from say Right(-)out into the RearRight(+) in. Then when I wire it into my amplifier I use the Right(+) and the RearRight(-). This reduces the impedance to 4 ohms which I think is too low for my amp.

The other option would be to wire the two right and RightRear speakers together in series (with a double female RCA) ...this ups the resistance to 16 Ohms which is ok for the reciever.

Would this under(current) the cubes? they are so small I cant imagine it being a huge issue but....

Anyone have any experience with something like this with a passive bass that drives the small cubes.


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Just use 2 satellites for the stereo set up. You won't gain anything by hooking all the speakers together.
Or sell the system to someone impressed with Bose and get a different system for yourself.

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u guys are all poofs

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