Bose vs Onkyo (which one)??????


I was looking at a Bose Lifestyle 18 but after researching I guess that is not the best choice so . . . . I have settled on Onkyo. I saw the HT-S870 and then Onkyo LS-V955. Is THX Select certification something I really need. I am on information overload. Looking to spend about $1200 for everything including DVD player. This is a Christmas gift to me so I don't want to just run out and get anything. This is my first sound system upgrade in 9 years .....Stop laughing LOL.
What drew me to the Bose was the all in one system and the oppotunity to use the system in 2 different parts of the house(I am going to wire the whole house for sound)I guess that is where an A/B switch comes in.
Sorry for the drawn out question but hey I Know Nothing.

Thanks for any help


W Tam
Unregistered guest
Pls pls stay away from Bose - it's highly overpriced and purposely distorted to grab a listener's attention for the first 10 minutes. But over the long term, it will sound fatiquing and unsatisfying. Just ask any audiophile. An all in one from Denon / Panasonic / etc. will sound better.

Those small little Bose speaker cubes are really cheap - pick one up and you will realize that they use really cheap drivers by their weight and the cheap plastic enclosures.

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