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Huntington Beach, CA June 24th
$220 for a pair of DPA SLT 2.8
same van...story
went to audio store and bought monster conectors/good wire.($80)
I had been looking for speakers, amazed at how quick prices reach $1,000.+
So for $110. each I pleased and they sound and look good. I hope to say the same thing years from now.
Surfs up. Bye


Last year i paid 160 for a pair of 2.8s. I would have paid more, but that was all I had in my checking account. Those guys were dinks now that I think back on it. They even threw in the ol "buy us beer cause we gave you such a kick-A deal".

Wow! These guys are all over the place. I was working and some guys in a Tan Ford explorer gave me the hole spill about giving him 4 extra and the boss thing. Well my boss was woundering what was going on, so I met them in 10 min. They wanted $200.00 but told them I didn't have much. To make it quick I bought the pair for 160.00. I haven't listend to them yet, I am going home to hook them up. Sound like they are aleast decent sounding from what I read. If not, I don't feel like I lost to much on these speakers. They said they were from San Jose area. Atleast I know now what to look for when they talk their talk.

Central Jersey
Middletown, NJ
June 27, 2003
White van, same story.
Dahlton KV2500ti

These aren't horrible speakers so I'm not completely unsatisfied. The mids and highs are OK however the "subwoofer" plays midrange so I doubt there is a crossover inside. The casing is quite sturdy. For $200 I wouldn't say it's a complete rip off. Just a shame it's left so many like myself wary, and many others unhappy/angry.

I stab people
This is it people...another dumb a s s falling for the same trip. Oh well man, speakers are better than the $h*t ones my dad brought back from Japan. F u c k that $h*t...Ill pawn these for more than there worth anyway...Don't worry guys...If I see them agian, hell I stab people...Just like that.

Pyscho with a cause...sort of

sorry, had to rant.
i have been stopped on the streets sooooooo many times by these morons.
now when they pull up to me while i am in my car, and they say "hey" , i just hold my hand out the window and give them the "good ole" middle finger!!!!

Keif Mont
I too just bought some dahlton 2500ti speakers
hooked them up and they soud GREAT i was well well aware of the scheme but read the specs and decided if i didnt like them i could easily sell them, turns out the sound reproduction above
280 hz is nice combined with a sub they should intergrate nicely, i have been in car/home audio long enough to know a decent speaker; gold binding posts, bi- amplable, ferro fluid cooled titanium dome tweeter (impressive), and woven woofers. works for me right price.


I have a Picasso to sell you out of the back of my van for $500. Why do people even waste their time with these people? If they weren't lying and dishonest they wouldn't be selling speakers and watches to strangers out of the back of their van.

No doubt, moral issue aside, I bet a lot of you think these "entrepreneurs" just happened to steal or find some speakers off a truck or stolen from a warehouse. What is truly bizaree is the speakers they are selling are speakers no retailers sell. This should be a great tip off immediately.

That--and besides the moral issue, you will have zero recourse if they suck, which undoubtedly they will. So I can't say I feel sorry for anyone that falls for this scam.

i met a couple of guys in the parking lot of bockbuster and ralphs in diamand bar, ca. all instincts told me not to buy them, but they offered them up for $200. i bought the dahlton kv2500 ti towers, and gave them $10 for 'beer.'

i'm probably the biggest idiot posting a message cuz i don't even have a stereo receiver! always wanted a home stereo, but this is not exactly how i wanted to start out. i guess i'll give them to my sister who has a receiver and see how they sound, and if its decent, then i'll shell out a couple more benjamins for a receiver.

i went to circuit city and no one heard of the brand "Dalhton" but after salespeople inspected the ad and looking at the specs, they said they were a little pricey, but still high performance speakers. even if it's not all true, i'm being optimistic and hope they don't sound half as bad as they are described.

oh, the 2 guys were also offering cerwin-vega 5.1 home sound system and 6.1 audiofile home theater system, $250 a-piece, if anyone was also offered those (i was tempted by all of it). but after reading all of the posting on the different products sold by the van scammers, it seems to come down to how picky you want to be. if you bought them (and can't get rid of them), then you should be optimistic and make the most of what you have. $200 never SERIOUSLY hurt anyone, and you probably paid cuz you could afford it (i knew that i could). If you want to hear dramatic sounds and all the intricacies of a what you would get in an actual THEATER, then go to one. life is about chances and taking them... there's also a lot of bullshit out there; you just have to smile through it and live on.

i will post again when i know how they sound. Who knows, maybe my outlook will change for the worse (hope not though).


Just bought a pair in Norristown Pa. I plugged them in and they sound good. I paid $260 for them though. I'm a bit pissed that I paid $60 more than most, but they still sound ok. They have little feet that come taped to the subwoofer so they would stand off the ground.

They really look good and have a lot of weight to them. If anyone in PA is looking for the company that sends these guys out here is the address.

T & M Enterprises
a.k.a. Kelfi Distributors
a.k.a. Crown Audio
1400 Adams Rd., Unit C
Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone: (215) 244-6847
Fax: (215) 244-6844
Contact: J. Mehaffey

For all the rest of you check out this site for contact info in other states.

This same scam is going in in Houston,Texas as well. I bought a pair for $300 from two guys in a white van also. I wish I had only paid 200 like most people here but oh well they sound alright. I still feel ripped off though.

to follow up on the dahlton 2500 ti i would like everyone to know that while this is a shady way to buy speakers these things are worth every bit of the 230 I paid for them
Heres the scoop, I sold them to my buddy, we hooked them up at his house and I put in the best
"test" music I know.... classical
the tweeters are great. mids are good and low end is clean the crossover goes like this 30 to 800hz sub, 800 to 5000hz midrange, and 5000 up tweets.
since i sold them to my buddy, i cranked them up
so i could give everyone an accurate desc.
hey, if i see them again id buy cause i know i could turn aroun and sell them without pissing someone off. go for it the beat the hell out of 200 dollar sony, infinity. -Keif PA

I got scammed a few days ago in guy in a white van...smooth talker, nice guy, and i got the Dpa 312i's , they look like dj speakers....i paid $400 (ouch!).... but hey i learned a life-long lesson, so i can't really complain!

the con artists have moved north of the border.. i got hit early wednesday morning in Gibsons British Columbia Canada (just north of Vancouver).... i bought two TR-1110 tower speakers

There are two seperate groups in San Marcos, CA right now I bought some speakers from one of the two groups for $200, I feel that it was a okay deal for them the quality is alright and they sound pretty good, so if any one runs into these guys try and get them to 200 or less and you got yourself a descent set of speakers that look nice and stylish. What I like most about them is the way the speakers look. There is one set of guys in a white Ford Explorer and the others are in a dark grey or black suv (it looked to be a Acura SUV, but I am not sure). Also if they tell you they have a warranty to them, ask the guys to show you where the serial number is at because you need the serial number for the warranty info, then see what they say. Because I am pretty sure the speakers do not have serial numbers on them.

Hey! Guess what? they got me too in front of home depot in San Jose. Damm! but these apeakers are Skyline brand. They actually look pertty good. I tried to look up the name in the internet and I did find a site I hook them up to my pioneer intertainment system and you know what, they sound pertty good!I paid $200. I guess I don't feel that bad. We get ripped of everytime we buy stuff from Circuit City, good guys and Frys Elec. and they get us for more money. Why do you think they try to sell you the guaranty, they know the stuff is going to break down.

WHAT up Y'all can i join the scam club? Well i'm in Orem, UT and while i was driving today 2 guys in a white Toyota 4 runner called out to me and asked if i wanted to get some good deals on speakers. I had him follow me to my work which by the way is PC CLUB go check it out... ... anyways i proceeded to look at the merchandise. Digital Pro Audio SLT 2.8 Speakers. His story was that he received 2 extra speakers on a shipment. He was so called on his way to set the speakers up at a wiring job. He tried to sell them to me for 500 for a pair. I blew him off and basically got him down to 120 FOR THE PAIR!!! So i think i got a good deal some what. Im going to go and see if they work right now. I had him take them out of the box and everything. I gave him a check so i could cancel it just in case they are a scam. I got his cell phone number as well and it is a current number. Just wanted to let yall know just in case some guys came up to yall. Peace.

Man I feel like such a idiot. I got pulled over by two guys in a Excursion also. They had an invoice slip saying 4 speakers on the order but they had 8. He said the company misunderstood the 4 speakers as being 4 pairs and shipped them 4 free speakers. He said that he was also on his way to do a job and had to get rid of them before he got to the job because his boss would see them and keep them for himself. He also mentioned that his boss had taked a 50'' plasma flat screen TV that was also an extra and told them that they could have had it, but since they didn't get rid of it that he was going to take it. He tried to get me for $500 each speaker. I paided $500 for the pair of SL-3810 Digital Audio speakers. The box says retail of $1,599.00. Now that I think back on it, it seems all too unreal how he was so willing to drop the price so dramatically when he could make so much money if it was legit. I have yet to try them out and but they do look awesom. I just feel that I could have gotten him down to less money for them.
Scene of this CRIME!: Sacramento, CA

I have joined the club! Today I bought me a set of Theater Research TR-3015 Speakers. I talk the dirty b*stards down to 180 for the set. They're nice cabinets so I figured "Now I know" if it was a scam I got some nice cabinets to work with. Well, they asked where a storage place was in the city so I'm gonna go tommorrow where I told them and see if I can't catch'em. This is in Oklahoma City, OK. I live in Michigan where this has happened before only I gave 100 bucks for the set and actually sold the cabinets for 100 after blowing the subs. It felt kinda strange hearing the same story again of course I didn't do my research last time. NOW WE KNOW!

"Well, they asked where a storage place was in the city so I'm gonna go tommorrow where I told them and see if I can't catch'em." - they said that to make their story more believable. they don't need a storage place to "hide the extra speakers". don't bother looking for them there. they got me in sacramento today, july 29th. red ford excursion or expedition like the guy two posts up on the same day in the same city. lastly, i wouldn't trust any of the posts here that claim to be happy customers. you have to assume they're posted by the scammers, themselves. they sold me these sl-3810's

Got scammed today at Southtowne Mall in Sandy, Utah. I figured it was either a scam or stolen goods, but figured it was worth the risk so I paid $150 for the pair of Pro Audio SLT 2.8's...

Anyhow, realizing it was probably a scam, I got their license plate number. It was a Dodge Durango (dark blue I think?) that had Colorado license plates with the number 2CR7903.

I asked him for a phone number and he gave me one (who knows if it's correct, but some sleazy sounding guy does answer when I call the number). (435) 850-9211. He claimed it was a Park City Utah number, but after doing some research, I can see that it's a Tooele Cell phone number.

Haven't tried them out yet, but I will tonight... Hope they don't suck as bad as it sounds like they're going to. If anyone wants to contact me about the 2 dudes, email me at

Oh.. I forgot to add something. I paid for part of it with a personal check (that I issued a stop payment for shortly after I wrote it out... hahaha). The guy had me make out the check to Chris Lamoreaux.

Well I hooked up the speakers and they sound great. I think i might do the same trick...stop payment on my check i wrote him. It has my Louisiana address on there so he wont ever find me here. HAHAHAHA. Peace

Okay, well I felt a lot more ripped off before I actually hooked up the speakers. Now that I've set them up, they don't sound too terrible. They're definitely not the most efficient speakers out there (I have to crank them up quite a bit to create a balance with my rear surround and center channel KLH speakers, but they actually don't sound too bad). The tweeter is kind of harsh, but I can live with it. I tried to open up the cabinet, without any success... but I was able to take off the plate on the back and take a look at the drivers with a flashlight. They're not super huge, but not tiny. The Mid Bass that these speakers isn't too shabby.

If nothing else, I've acquired some pretty nice speakers for my computer. Definitely not the $1195 speakers I was hoping they were... but I think they're worth $75 a piece (what I paid for them)

Hung Low
Hey my bro bought a pair of 2500tiin cali. the other day for $700. he called me and asked me to look them up for him and see what they were really selling for. he told me they were dahlton kv 2500ti. i came across this in my search and called him right away to tell him he just got scammed like a S.O.B. hahahahahahaha

email me if this has happened to you in Bakersfield

Same two guys (one blond long hair andthe other short dark hair in white mini van) They used the same exact story below. I got ripped for $400 - one subwooffer, two towers, and 3 other speakers.
I happend in Bakersfield, California in the Home Depot parking lot on Thursday, Aug. 7. Wrote down license plate number and cousin is police chief in area - these guys are finished if I don't get my money back. Anyone else in Bakersfield hit?

Man I feel like such a idiot. I got pulled over by two guys in a Excursion also. They had an invoice slip saying 4 speakers on the order but they had 8. He said the company misunderstood the 4 speakers as being 4 pairs and shipped them 4 free speakers. He said that he was also on his way to do a job and had to get rid of them before he got to the job because his boss would see them and keep them for himself. He also mentioned that his boss had taked a 50'' plasma flat screen TV that was also an extra and told them that they could have had it, but since they didn't get rid of it that he was going to take it. He tried to get me for $500 each speaker. I paided $500 for the pair of SL-3810 Digital Audio speakers. The box says retail of $1,599.00. Now that I think back on it, it seems all too unreal how he was so willing to drop the price so dramatically when he could make so much money if it was legit

Bob Jones
this same thing just happened to us in Sacramento California at 2:43 pm, we got the same sl-3810. all i can say is the story was exactly the same, they drove a blue ford exepedition with lisence plate number 4yzu889, anybody want to help me get these jerks. Oh yeah thats right, just so happens my father heads the most successful high tech crimes unit for the sacramento county sherriffs department, these jerks are going down. oh did they have a flame grill in the front?

Hey Bob Jones, those jerks got me on friday too. It was around 11 AM, and the rest of the story is the same as all the rest. I dont want these speakers, I just wanted to sell them for more money. Greed got the best of me, but all i want is my money back. Let me know if anybody else knows anything about what Bob Jones wrote.

Man I feel dumb for letting those guys do that
Sacramento, CA

Brad Hoeffliger
Well same thing happened to me yesterday. They gave me the same story (needed some quick cash for beer money and to get back at their boss who they claimed was a jerk). I too fell for it. They got $180 out of me for two speakers. They are trained very well, they are very persuesive but also seem like theyre your friend. I feel pretty lame falling for it. They said their names were Adam and Mark and they gave me a Los Angelas phone number which i called and found out it was fake. They got me in Arroyo Grande, CA. I am going down to the Police Station today to report them, unfortunatly I didnt get their licence plate number, just a description of their van. These guys drove a charcole gray van with nice chrome rims. Hopefully they are stupid enough to stay up in this area so theyll get caught. THEY SUCK!

bought the 2500 ti dahltons for $200 plus beer money. Saw it coming from a mile a way but something tore me away from my instinct. Perhaps it was the little feet that so conveniently attach to the bottom that sold me over. Anyway im not too disgruntled since it is my own stupid fault for being "scammed" but I was actually considering purchasing a decent reciever. Has anyone hooked them up and been fairly satisfied with movie or video game sound quality from these towers. Any input is greatly appreciated. New Brunswick, NJ by the way. White van....over stocked! Go figure!!!!

ptl Tronixxx
BRICK, NJ incident

I actually had a friend fall for this scheme back in June, and when I found this page, we made jokes about it to this day. BUT, Today at 1:10pm, I was approached in a shopping Center in Brick, NJ by two latino males in their early-mid 20's riding in a white chevy utility van. They started with the "pssstt.....wanna buy some speakers?" The story gets funny when I say "hell yeah!" I go to the van and they show me two "MTS" floor standing speakers and a fake magazine that I have never heard of. I ask the "salesmen" if they could get Dahlton kv 2500ti's for me with a half smile. They loked at each other and said that they never heard of them. I replied that my friend had bought a pair in Beachwood NJ at a wawa a month previous. They wanted $800.00 a pair for their towers, but even admitted that they had paid nothing, later stating that they were "stolen." I told them I had to make a call to my other half.
I walked to the rear of the van and saved the license plate to my cellphone, and returned offering $100.00. I lifted my shirt slightly to re-attach my cellphone, and thats when the driver saw ...MY BADGE........ well, I've never seen a van move faster in my life. I immeaditly called in the vehicles direction and tag no. to the local PD and also spoke with the detectives Bureau. If nothing else, it's still solicitation of a crime. Oh, and if "they" are reading this:

White Chevy econoline van
NMX61f (nj reg)

of all of the people that day, you had to try to con an off duty!!!!

August 20th, 2003.
The scumbags are in Los Angeles (Hollywood) and tagged me with the crap as well. This time they were in a Black Van. It was the Blonde haired guy and Short Brown haired one. Paid 450 for the 2 towers and sub. It's on if I see them in the street again, they don't know who they messed with!

Dam they have been doing this racket for many years. I got hit about six years ago in Washington DC. But I guess I have gotten my use out of them. I have used them for six years and they still are working good, I guess it could have been worse.

Instead of sitting here and moaning why doesn't anyone do something?

You should do something. Don't buy from people selling from a van or other vehicle no matter what. Buying speakers you haven't heard (or heard of) and buying speakers that have no reviews from reputable magazines is a dicey situation. Would you buy a car that you never heard of from a guy you will never see again?

Got me Fri. Aug. 22nd At a parking lot on College and Oceanside Blvd. off the 78 in San Diego, CA. Guy's name was AL. If you see him put him in a box. Digital Audio Home Theatre System, he was driving a white truck with a shell on it.

Jeez---anyone with a printer and a computer can make up an invoice or a phony magazine article.

If you have an inexpensive accounting program they all have invoice templates.

And anyone can write a "phony" review and to make it look "real" good, take it to a local printer to print out 1,000 sheets or more on "magazine" weight and feel paper for hardly any money.

steamed eggs
my little brother's friend sold me the mystery speakers for 3 hundo and he threw in a guitar amp. that was 5 yrs. ago and i have no complaints. GO STEELERS !

In Irvine, California, August 30th 2003 at 2:00pm. The men were very agressive and putting the speakers into my car while I was saying "no, I don't need any speakers" I gave them $200 for two DPA 2.8. I felt threatened and strangely sorry for these guys who were doing this. I figure I've dropped that amount of money on a weekend's worth of dinner and drinks. It was worth this amount just to have the guys leave me alone.
For my own piece of mind, I keep the glass half full...
For my $200 I received:
1) a good story to tell my friends
2) a lesson in sales theory
3) an experience to share with my future children regarding con artists
4) a good looking and "OK" sounding pair of speakers.

What to do???
Ok, they are in Houston, Texas in a green SUV. Be on the look out. If you can swindle them down, you can get the whole 5.1 Dahlton system for $160. Just let them know that you know they sold it to a lanky mexican guy on Nasa Rd 1. HAHA. Scam the scammers!!!


Dammit, they just got me. Got a pair of 2500 for $400 and a the $hitty 5.1 setup for $150. Figured I'd turn around and sell 'em. But then after the research for pricing I found this. Went home and traded out the wire on my Klipsch RF3's and hooked up the Dahltons, and they suck.
The guys were driving a Lincoln Navigator. They even had a receipt from AudioWeb that showed the extra inventory. So I called the number on the invoice and talked to someone who confirmed the price. They really had their crap together.

I've read most, but not all (damn there are a lot of posts on this subject!), of the posts here on the 'white van scam':

I, too, was approached by two guys here in the Phoenix metro area about eight months ago. I didn't buy the speakers, and of course, I'm really glad I didn't.

I agree in part on both sides of this argument -- people who bought, did so willingly, and from a 'shady' situation. I think people are more ready to 'screw over' the boss and the company because I think most of us know we get screwed every day with our retail purchases, for starters -- and most companies are rather blatant about not caring about their customers these days, not to mention their employees! But then this sort of behavior just perpetuates the problem...endless cycle of screwing each other over, and so forth.

As for Speaker Man and his comments, a few I agree with, but the main point is --

You are not innocent if your whole sales approach involves claiming that these speakers are worth MSRP $1200.00 (or whatever). You are starting it right off with a lie -- if it makes you feel better that people fall for it because they want a good deal, then whatever gets you through the day, I guess...but you are just as guilty (and more so, because the truth of the matter is most of these people would not have involved themselves in this type of purchase if the white van guys hadn't cornered, lied, and all-out sold HARD!). I, myself, found it very hard to get away from the white van guys who cornered me. They were extremely pushy & extremely adamant. As a petite (but not weak!;-) female, this also made me VERY uncomfortable. This is no way to do business. I literally had to drive off (I was at a gas station, minding my own business and oddly enough getting gas), driving around them in the parking lot to get away from them (lucky for them, I'm a good driver and had/have no desire to injure or kill anyone). No one should have to deal with this sort of thing when simply trying to buy gas!

Considering the contrived story, the extravagantly claimed MSRP on these 'white van' speakers, the lack (probably) of a permit to sell, and therefore the lack (once again, if you are ARE legit on this, ignore this part, but I'm skeptical!) of local sales tax applied and paid to the city, the predatory behavior (yes, in the end, YOU made a decision to buy these things, I do agree, but...) that seems to so successfully push people into making these kinds of impulse buys (don't ever buy on impulse is the BEST your homework FIRST, I ALWAYS do before I make any major or even somewhat major purchase, in fact, I do my homework on most every purchase:P), leads me to definitely call it a SCAM.

Why do people fall for this scam? The fact is, at present, I personally couldn't buy a pair of $1200 speakers, and I know I'm definitely not the only one -- it is enticing for people who simply can't afford this price range or a higher one. Speaker Man applies most, if not all, of the guilt, onto the consumer -- extreme greed, little concern for the alleged company and boss losing out...but Speaker Man and people like him are preying on a basic human desire -- to want more (to want more, to have more, to be more). This is a normal part of humanity, and if we didn't have this desire, we wouldn't be eating with spoons, or live in fabricated shelters, or have a Constitution (referring to the US) for that matter. The desire to want more (and to be more -- of course I'm not saying having more is being more, but it is unfortunately all too easy to gauge ourselves in this manner) ISN'T a bad thing on its own -- but I think if we all remembered the most BASIC and OBVIOUS of codes -- treat others as you would like to be treated...the white van guys wouldn't exist -- because they wouldn't WANT to lie to other people and lay on the whole 'extra inventory' 'boss doesn't know' 'really they are worth $1200' scam, because they wouldn't WANT to dupe another human being (Would THEY want to be duped? The point that they know better than to be duped is moot and is simply not answering the question). And people wouldn't buy from them anyway, because they WOULD feel bad about the boss being lied to and the company losing their inventory. Of course, the old saying, 'two to tango', applies well here. But people are coerced into 'tangoing' everyday -- particularly people who are outwardly nice to strangers and don't (yet) know how to say 'no'. I had no intention of buying the white van guys' speakers, but because I am generally nice to strangers, it took longer than it should have to get away from them -- via their unwavering persistence and my unwavering politeness. Once again, in the end, I never bought those speakers, but getting gas took longer than it should have that day and was FAR more stressful than it should have been. If I'd bought the speakers, I would have been guilty, too, for buying them...but in the end, it would NOT have releaved their OWN guilt for delaying me, lying to me, creating an unnecessarily stressful situation (emphasis on CREATING), and all-around hassling me (not to mention the whole permit/tax/legality thing)!!

Lastly (I know I'm longwinded, but hey, that's who I am!), in this new Information SuperHighway digital age, there's almost no excuse for ignorance anymore, really! I'm 31, and have been exposed to computers since the 70's, and was on the 'internet' in the early 80's -- of course it was NOTHING like it is now!). I know that, although I'm certainly not alone in this, there were very, very, few people outside of university campuses, computer companies, or other high-tech companies who had this kind of exposure to PCs and the prehistoric internet as I did (and quite frankly I wasn't outside of that old circle -- a child of career student/multiple degree parents/high-tech researchers/developers). While I'm digressing (of course, as a female geek/techie, I AM proud to have had that upbringing:P), the point is -- today is very different from back then. PCs are now easily and commonly within the reach of the average, non-tech, person (we're not talking average third world here, of course), as is the internet in all its glory -- do the RESEARCH! In my own experience, you can, 99.99999999% of the time, find the information you're looking for -- and now, you don't even have to generally go to the library or buy a stack of expensive tech books (but they help:P), or subscribe to a hundred different magazines to get what you're looking for -- generally, today, you don't even HAVE TO TAKE OFF YOUR PAJAMAS. Although I have watched the modern internet turn into a feeding frenzy of sales, you can still find information out there, for free, from people who believe and uphold the philosophy that information should be FREELY accessible to all (sometimes you just have to look a little harder -- sometimes). Basically, whether it's human rights or home theatre systems, you can find the information you're looking for with a little persistence and a few clicks. Do the research, and you can find legitimate A/V equipment for reasonable or even better-than-you'd-expect types of prices. You aren't going to get that $20,000 A/V system for 100$, but you might find that there are some really great choices out there for YOUR budget range (provided you have a range;-), that are worth every penny you'll pay (and are almost certainly going to be better than the white van products). You just have to be willing to put some time and effort into it. People seem to have the hardest time with this these days, when ironically, these days you can get the best results from the least amount of effort ever in, I believe, all of human history.

While I obviously feel very strongly about this subject -- I'll end this with a few concretely specific & pragmatic suggestions:

I've actually found eBay to be a wonderful place to buy -- you just have to be reasonably careful. I've been watching eBay very closely and regularly since it was first created, but it took me until 2001 to finally take the plunge and actually make use of eBay (I'm not a seller, though). I bought my Kenwood THX receiver off of eBay, brand new, factory sealed, with the factory warranty, off of eBay for over $200 less than it was currently, I repeat, _currently_, being sold at Best Buy. The only difference was I didn't have to listen to a salesperson who almost assuredly is NOT an audio expert, I didn't have the opportunity to get a Best Buy extended warranty (in which, in the end, you can often pay more for labor than the item was originally worth!), and did I mention that I actually got to pay over $200 (by the way, that's _including_ shipping) less for it? :-) Just be prudent -- read ALL of the item's description and anything else on the listing, scrutinize feedback, go with sellers that have very, very, good feedback, and scrutinize the feedback of some of the people who left the seller feedback (I've in the past found scams on eBay by checking not only the seller's feedback, but the feedback of the seller's customers, too)! Generally, if they've been around for a few years and have very good feedback, they're probably very legitimate. I have never been burned on eBay, and I have made some fairly big purchases off of it -- but it's always POSSIBLE to get burned, so just use common sense, and you will, in the very least, greatly reduce your chances of getting 'had'.

Also search for internet business sites which often have great deals, as well. Once again, do your homework, use common sense, and you may find a reasonably good deal. And best of all, you won't wonder if you're doing something illegal, or if the white van guys' boss is really getting screwed, or the company, etc. And if you do your homework, you'll know what you're getting BEFORE you get it (and if you've done your research, you'll probably also know you're getting the most reasonable deal you could for the product). Do a search on the business site before you buy (in fact, do several, over a period of time, in various forms), to see if you can tag any information about the business which would lead you not to buy from them.

One last thing, I saw a couple of previous posts, by Anonymous Coward, mentioning Fluance speakers. I actually bought one of their home theatre sets of speakers -- they offer two sets -- SX-HTB and AV-HTB (they also offer other speakers, but these are their two home theatre sets). I bought the SX-HTB set -- 5 speakers; two front towers, two surrounds, and a center. The SX-HTB has slightly better specs than the AV-HTB version. The SX-HTB is the beechwood colored set (faux beechwood grain laminate over MDF), and the AV-HTB is the black set, for easy reference. The specs on these speakers seemed very good for the price, the construction, the features, etc. I admit, I also liked the look of the beechwood-colored SX-HTB over the black AV-HTB, but the slightly better specs on the SX-HTB made the difference for me, in the end. Although you can buy them directly from Fluance's website, there are also a few authorized dealers selling them on eBay as well -- this is where I got mine. From what I saw at the time, the dealers were selling them for slightly less than Fluance's website, and sometimes slightly less on shipping as well (these speakers are not light), so I went with eBay. Before I bought them, of course, I learned as much as I could about speakers at the time, and as much as I could about Fluance. I'm still VERY happy with my Fluance speakers. For a quick list of the specs/photo on the Fluance speakers which I bought (SX-HTB), you can go here:

I had also been looking at some inexpensive Onkyo speakers & Klipsch at the time (they aren't bad for the money), but I think I got a much better deal with the Fluance speakers. Of course they're not $20,000 speakers, or even remotely close (and they don't have an MSRP of $1200, either, LOL). But I do think that, for $306.00 INCLUDING shipping, I did get a great set of speakers that, although I freely admit I am NOT an audio expert, were built better than anything else I could find in _that_ price range. They're rock-solid, and they sound INCREDIBLE combined with my Kenwood VR6070 receiver. I'm sure that if someone hooked up some ridiculously high-end speakers to my receiver, I would be able to tell the difference, but I still firmly believe these speakers are better than anything I could've walked out of Best Buy with for $306.00. And no, I am absolutely NOT a salesperson for Fluance or for anyone/anything else, for that matter. I'm a mainframe operations analyst, and very happy with my JCL/JES/SAS/REXX/IMS/CICS/ESP/CA7/EVERYTHING ELSE tech world. But if you are on a tight budget, and want the best speakers you can probably get for the money, I definitely recommend considering Fluance. But remember, do your homework, don't take my word for it, and go find out for yourself! Knowledge IS important. If you've actually read this through, and have a question, you can email me at


P.S. -- Possibly helpful websites:
(let's not forget the very site allowing all of us to post!)
(curiosity satisified for the layperson)

And many, many more -- all you have to do is just look for them!

"Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master." -- Alpha Centauri/Firaxis

dammit they got me
yesterday in wall twp new jersey 3 guys in a brown colored van waving me over asked to buy some speakers he said he just got offerd 600 bucks for them they were 2500ti the magazine listed them for 1795.00 i paid 280.00 did i get screwed or did they get someone else again

There in Bakersfield CA, Black Van. Blond white dude with a mexican dude. I got my dpa towers and a sub for $350 and he wanted $20 more for beer. Greedy Beastards! They better hope they dont see me again or im gonna make them bite the curb

Seek OWhiners
aww c'mon just got outwitted by a couple o' guys who were a lot smarter than you. You may talk tough now, but didn't have the gray matter when you got taken! They appealed to your vanity and your greed got the better of you. They were not greedy b@stards, you were just a moron! Yeah, make them bite the curb, they took you first and your vanity can't handle it!

Well I just got screwed 10 mins ago in this little town outside Geneva Switzerland. Guys from Bern (the capital) driving through to an install...too many received, etc.....same story...very smooth...even wrote a warranty for me. Nice guys eh? I had a bad feeling the stuff was hot...not quite. Serves me right. If it sounds too usually is. I knew that when I handed them the cash. A little voice told me that....but I didnt want to hear it.

I'm still amazed that people would buy speakers out of a van. No way to test them, no warranty, no support, NOTHING. Do you even get a receipt? The risk is too great that you'll get taken. Either the speakers are hot or lemons.

Female Geek from Phoenix,
I liked your response but you weren't kidding when you said "long winded". Sheesh! I need to lay down the couch after reading all that! :-)

Something is very,very fishy hear!!!!! I keep seeing these posts of people saying DAMN THEY JUST GOT ME TOO. Its almost like people are still buying them after reading these threads. I just dont understand how so coincedentaly these people buy these and then in the same night go on hear and say THEY GOT ME.????

Well, having had this happen to me today, I find this all pretty entertaining. Of course, white van, in the Oceanside area of California. White Australian sounding guy, and a young lady. Same typical story of course. Boss this, extra that, blah blah blah. And I'm left with the two 2.8i's, for $300. Having seen this sort of thing before, I would be a hypocrite to wail and whine "they got me" as it's blantantly obvious to the average citizen that something is fishy. So to all of us who fall into this: Maybe you got conned, maybe they sold you a lie, who knows, you still made a conscious effort to take money out of your wallet and give it to a complete stranger, after knowing them for only 5 or so minutes. won't give a homeless man 10$ because you aren't sure if he's really a Vietnam vet, but you'll shell as much as you think is okay, for equipment that you probably haven't heard of previously? So, IF I wanted to blame someone, I blame them and myself equally. And don't blame either all that much. It's not a lot of money, and it's not a big scam. Sure, they might be making a fair bit of money eventually, but I will take one five minute scam, over 1,000 telemarketers every night at dinner time. And, yes, I've listened to the towers. For only $150 a piece, I got my money's worth. I'm not encouraging the people behind this business, but my conscience is no heavier than it was this morning before it all happened.

I cant believe some of you still think this is not a scam. Just because alot of the stuff they sell at best buy and CC is junk doesnt make these plywood speakers any better. They are junk the sales men are liars and they rip people off on purpose. This is not right. At least at the big chain stores they just dont know what thier saying, can't blame them for being ignorant. So if you want speakers try your local hifi store. Unless you feel the need to support some place in china paying a 10 year old to build garbage speakers to sell to people who dont even need them.

got me to , Quebec, Canada two MTS 2208 speakers ...

Hey, say it's not a scam if you want, but I found this website before the guys had taken off so I asked for my money back. I was so relieved that they actually handed it back to me that I didn't realize they pocketed $100 of it. So I didn't waste $300 on speakers, but I had $100 stolen from me. I'd call that a scam. Actually I'd call that theft. Happened in Bethlehem PA. M&T Enterprises was the name on the van.

By the way Max, I'm sure not many people notice this page until they're looking for information on their new speakers.

Somebody is traying to sell one pair of those so unfamous DPA SLT 2.8 here in quebec canada
on this site in the audio section

Well, had the speakers hooked up to my stereo for a while, and if they are in fact junk, then they are pretty good sounding junk. Loud, crisp sound. No complaints here.


I just got hit in OREM UTAH about 20 min ago. Same old story, I bought it all. I don't know what Im going to do, I really don't want any speakers! hopefully someone will buy them on the street or something?


All you guys that think you got "scammed" are probably not very knowledgeable about home theatre equipment. I notice that no one has actually tested this equipment out and proven that the components are not worth the value advertised. In fact, Circuit City, Good Guys and Best Buy have once, or still do, sold Polk audio or JBL. I'm sure that if the guys in the vans had that or even Bose you would not complain about paying even double what you paid for your set of Slt 2.8's, right. Just to let you guys in on a little secret. If JBL and Polk Audio were sold on the street, it would be illegal, they must be sold through a retail store with a Federal Tax ID number and Reseller's permit...if it makes you feel better take the Digital Pro Audio emblem off the speaker and print out on a color printer with high gloss paper the Polk Audio logo off the corporate site and paste it on the same spot the DPA emblem was on and go to Circuit City and ask for the best speakers they have, you WILL NOT notice the difference, as a matter of fact the Slt 2.8's have a greater max rating than the best Infinity's (Infinity's and Polk Audio are currently the best speakers Circuit City carries). Those guys are like the modern day Robin Hoods but they are not stealing anything, they are just giving to those that deserve to have something the rich can only buy, usually. Put it this way, if any of YOU had $2400 right now, I guarantee you wouldn't be buying speakers.


What I don't get is after months and months of these postings, why doesn't someone say "Sure, come over to my place and hook them up." Then get in your car and call the police!! Have the police meet you at where ever you want them to. You don't have to take these scammers to your place! In fact, you probably shouldn't show them where you live!! Just pull over somewhere, get out of the car and have the guys get out with their speakers. Then wave the cops over. doh! Could anything else be easier? Or more satisfying?

Check out Scamshield fir some details including contact information on the companies involved in this method of speaker marketing.

Come on people the only thing those guys in the van are guilty of is being more convincing with their sales pitch than i was at saying no. they sold me a pair of 3-way bass reflex towers yesterday for $168.00. yes i thought i was getting over. that was supposed to be the scam right.butyou know what i pluged them up plopped the new Slayer DVD. into the DVD player and buddy War At The Warfeild came to life. So the reality is is while i didn't need them, and wouldn't have went out and bought a pair of speakers, i ended up with a really nice xmas present for myself.these speakers are well made and sound great.

in canada now?i got scammed....this sucks now its in Canada too...i got the Dalton 2500ti's

james houghton
Hey all,

Just got taken in Minneapolis. Man, you think you're smart 'til you fall for crap like that. Looking back despite all their slick magazines and decent lines there were all kinds of holes in their story. I'm an idiot.

The speakers don't sound awful but they don't hold up all that well against my midlevel JBL's. These are Skyline brand towers with 2 6", 1 dome tweeter, and a 12" or 14" on the bottom. The splitters, if they are there, aren't set right and the treble is too low. If you don't over play them they are decent and most average listeners wouldn't know the difference. I'm not your average listener and I can. The bass gets real wobbly at higher volumes and they are just a bit too muddy for my taste. they do look good though. There is no way they will sit with my speakers to remind me every time a hear a bit of wobbly bass that I was an idiot. Thank god for Ebay.

Does anyone know why they even sell decent speakers? Why not sell total s#@* and make more money? It seems like this must go all the way back to the manufacturer, it isn't just a small time thing. Perfect for the mob really. Not too risky but damn lucrative and probably buying s#@* speakers from China leaves lot's of loopholes for money laundering.

If anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has any leads on these folks I'd love to know. Not to be nice but to do a bit of tire slashing and making their life hell. I don't believe in violence but creating extreme anxiety by f&^%ing with all aspects of their life would be nice. Wonder how they would react if i showed up at their house? IM me on Yahoo with the username 'jhegg"

I'm just glad I didn't get fakes or nonfunctional speakers. Then I'd probably end up twisting their slimy little heads off of their scrawny redneck bodies if I ever saw them again. As it is if I see them again they will wish they never met me.

The thing that get's me is that they are reading these postings. Saw another sight where they were bragging about all the money they were making. F&^%ers! I only have myself to blame but I can act on my spite and injured pride for vengeance! Watch out co*&%#@kers, here I come!

Anybody got the Theater Research TR-2800's? I wanna buy them! I found some on and might buy them. make me a better deal and ill buy'em.

just to you guys think that the TR Speakers on the website ( ) are any different than the ones in the vans? WOuld they be any better?

today is October 31st, 2003 (yes happy halloween). me and my roomate were on our way into Raymore and Flannigan furniture store in Scranton PA, when 2 guys in a white van flagged us down just as we were entering the door. they called us over to the van, and told us they had an extra set of speakers that were overstocked and they had to get rid of before the night came.

me and my friend were reluctant at first, especially when he said he wanted $600 for the set. i was not going to pay that much money for a set of speakers when i wasnt even sure if they worked or not. he then showed us a picture in a magazine, where the SAME exact speakers were selling for $1700-1800. that caught my eye, and we managed to give him $400 for the pair of speakers.

ive just now hooked them up to my entertainment system here at my house, and they sound absolutely fine to me. yes, we did pay $200 each for them, but they sound great, and if i were to go to a website, or speaker store, i probably would have paid even more than the $400.

scam or not, the speakers are great, and hopefully i helped some lifeless twit earn a buck or 2 =/

hey smdio- you are a audio derelict.

I got hit by this two bast*rds in the bank of america parking lot in concord california(about 25 miles east of San Francisco on or about may/june 2002.I feel so stupid after reading all these posts.I guess if something sounds too good to be true it is.It was my greed!!! The story are so familiar its scary!!!
I hope to see these guys again I will raise such a scare the f**kers will definitely leave the parking lot.I'll block their van and demand my money back-what are they going to do!!!

They are in In SLC Utah and the surrounding area. Two 20 something guys, in a white minivan, the passengar did most of the talking. The driver had a goatie and the passengar had a hoop earring. They gave quite the story. I paid $300.00 for the pair. They are sitting in my car now. Their liscense plate number is: 4GUK987 White Astro Minivan.. like 2000 or 2001 model.

Hey I just got ripped by these guys too but.... :D I got thier license plate number because i had a gut feeling (shoulda listened to it) should i turn it in?. And I took the speakers apart they are only a shell look-alike but the speakers looked good. But I don't think it was worth my money.. Email me at I'm not sure what I should do with the number.

My friend told that he got a pair of new brand hi-end speakers. He only told that he paid $1200.00 per pair in the local hi-end hifi store. I compared my Klipsch RF-5 in his equipment. I found no much difference in sound quality. Can anyone help me get one pair of DPA SLT-2.8? I'm willing to offer $500.00

My friend told that he got a pair of new brand hi-end speakers. He only told that he paid $1200.00 per pair in the local hi-end hifi store. I compared my Klipsch RF-5 in his equipment. I found no much difference in sound quality.
I tried to contact the manufacturer by these phone number: 800-240-4079 or 845-473-9987, or visit the web site (, but there is no response. Can anyone help me get one pair of DPA SLT-2.8? I'm willing to offer $500.00

I was in my car at a stop light when some guys next to me in a silver Explorer asked me if I wanted to see some speakers. I said I did and we pulled over into a Food-4-Less parking lot. They told me the same thing that they told everyone else, and I gave them $250 for the 3.1 surround sound system with the powered sub. When I got home, I coudn't find anything on the web for the speakers except for this web site. At first I was really pissed, but then I plugged the speakers in and found that they sound pretty damn good. I already have two KLH tower speakers, so altogether I have an entire kickass surround sound speaker system, except for the receiver. The sub doesn't provide all the bass that I hoped it would, but the 15" woofers on the towers compensate. Anyone know where I can find an inexpensive 5.1 receiver?

You know, after reading all the stories here, I still bought a pair of speaker so from the van. However, I only paid $90 for the pair of SLT 2.8's. I wanted to see for myself if they suck. They look cool and they actually sound better then my old Kenwood THX speakers that I got from Circuit City. Even if these guys are trying to make a buck or two....I'd rather see a bunch of guys selling speakers out of vans than having them sell pot or other drugs out of them. Honest living or potential scam? I would really lighten up guys, if you pay anywhere between $100 to $300 a pair, your getting a good deal.

Top Seller Speaker Guy
Exactly, all you Anonymous's out there that support the sales, I applaud you, as for the rest of the non-supporters, how many of you do or sell drugs? You tell me...what's better?

auidiophile from CA
I was scamed back in 1994 when I was in Graduate School in Texas. I paid $400 out of my thin student allowance for a pair of "Phase Linear 8828". Within a week I found this is a 'white van speaker' scam -- yes even in 1994 this is well know over the internet already!

Last year I finally put them in our apartment's dump! $400 tuition that taught me real life. Worth it! since I haven't and probably will not be scamed in my life, at least not as easily.

This year I got myself a pair of Dynaudio Specail 25's, now talking about heavenly speakers! :-)))))

I just bought a pair of slim tower speakers plus the surround sound speakers (set of 4) for $220 from a guy driving a mini van. He also claimed of getting these speakers from his boss by mistake. I was thinking "This deal too good to be true but I figured what the heck, it's a pretty good deal for 2 pair of tower speakers plus 4 pieces of surround sound speakers. If it doesn't worked out with my home theatre then I could always use them for my computer gamming system". It's a great deal for me @ $220. I would be really pissed if I paid $400 or more for them :)

I was stopped by a "white van" guys in front of an X store, while I tried to buy a pair of B&W DM 603. They were very convincing than the saleman in the store, and DPA SL-T 2.8 were looked charming, dual 8" vs. dual 7". I paid $300 for a pair, while I could get 1/2 for others. I hooked up with Yamaha receiver. The bass was too strong that I had to stuck the foam into the ports for suspending. Now, they sound ok.
What exactly the speakers have problems? defects? legal? overcharge?

Its made its way to london..A friend of mine who i live with came home one night with a set and the same story....the silly b*****d paid £500 and talked me into paying half...speakers work ok but still left with a felling of being ripped off.

I share the feeling too -- ripped off.

What I can't understand, is that in this day and age with internet access to countless discount and wholesale sellers, not to mention auction sites like Ebay where you can find some good deals, anyone would buy anything out of a white van in a parking lot! Do some research before forking over the coin! You shouldn't feel ripped off, just stupid. No offense.

Anyway, in my opinion, unless you're a diehard audio-nerd like myself, if the speakers sound good, then buy them and don't worry about it. My brother fell for this, and the guys even brought the speakers to his apartment and hooked them up for him so he could listen to them first. He was happy with them, and still is 5 years later.

All I know about these guys in the white van is they're pretty damn good salesman, and they must be pretty damn rich. I love it!

Victim #X
You got the point. Later, I found a bounch of non brand-name speakers with a low, low price in this web. I think I'm stupid and get ripped off. I should pay only less $100/pair for damn and argly DPA SL-t 2.8.


Warning!! They are in Spartanburg SC 11/28/03
They Tried to get me too. White van and all. They had a convincing story but I refused!! Whew!!

Ah! Ah! Ah! I just closed a great deal on ebay -- Bose 601 for $220.00. Why do some people suck on those DPA ST-L 2.8? Give me an answer!!!

Smart shopper

Al Holland
The white van is in Nashville, TN. I saw a report on late news last night. Some lady being interviewed had been able to get her money back. News caster said that her speakers would only be sold to some one else.
I did not see the entire story so I do not know how she got the refund.
Seems like the van is hitting the Christmas crowd at local malls.

To all those people who say this isn't a scam.
Get back in your white vans, pull someone over, tell them the truth. Tell them these are cheaply made products. Tell them they aren't oak enclosures, rather 3/8 inch particle board. show them the dented tweeter domes, take out a speaker, and show them the small 10 oz. magnent on the 8" drivers where it would take a larger magnent and stiffer speaker to handle the 400 w max power. Show them the cheap circuit board for the cross-overs. Then see if you even get $150 for the pair of speakers. if you can't sell them with the truth, then you are selling a scam!!!

OH NO! They are here in Philadelphia, PA too. Two guys - John and George....white van and all. There goes $200.

Greddy 1 Too
Those as*holes tried to tell me that someone just offered them 600 but I told them hell no I got two of them for 50 bucks, f!ck it. I just wanted them to leave me alone. They are going to feed you a line about going to the strip club too. You know we all feel stupid but you have to give these guys some credit look at how many states they have hit, come would be living it up if you were pulling it off.

jerks are operating around the atl area
older model medium faded blue van.
not to worry if they arent had in this life they will be.

Trainers wanted in Montreal
$5-$15 a set + accomodations for the right peeps. Ask for Gusto 450 629 6696

Montreal has the best t*tty bars in the world

New member
Username: Sniger

Post Number: 1
Registered: 12-2003 dad just got hit in Temecula. that is southern California midway between LA and San Diego. two digital audio SL-3810's...right. they are still in the car right now so i dont know how they sound as of yet. i dont know whether i should tell my dad he got scamed or not. i was in the car the whole time the 'deal' was going on. they had my dad go to his ATM and pay in cash and everything. i was thinking the speakers were 'hot' (stolen), but now reading this BBS i know they were not. man, my dad said he bought some speakers from guys like this 7 years ago and that the speakers sounded nice. that is why he decided to shell out $200 agian. he didnt even need the speakers though....or else he might have payed even more. when we were in the car after the deal he says to me 'man they caught me at a good time, i was just paid.' now i think to myself 'man, why did he just have to get payed?'

it sounds like a lot of people are trying to rationalize here on this post. why dont you just face the got scamed. the speakers you paid 200+ for can not compare to speakers bought for the same amount of money at a store.

well what should i do...tell my dad or not?

he's a big boy. he can figure it out.

New member
Username: Bigdaddy1978

Post Number: 1
Registered: 12-2003
I'm pleased to report that I ran into these guys about 5-7 months ago and, while tempted, decided to walk away instead. About 3 weeks ago, I was driving around, listening to my car stereo and another white van, not sure if it's the same dude, was yelling at me from his window while stopped at a red light. As soon as he started delivering me the same shpeel the other guy did, I knew the whole thing was bogus and was very happy with myself that I didn't buy them the first time around. Incidently, one thing my guy did that I haven't seen mentioned on here yet is they will actually tell you that you can't have certain ones because they're holding those for themselves. Like these speakers are so good, I'm keeping a set for myself kind of stuff. So remember that too.

Unregistered guest are these those 'scam speakers'everybody talks about?

also are these?

Thanks a bunch

Unregistered guest
yes, they are.

Unregistered guest
Just wanted to say I just bought a pair of the Digital Pro Audio SLT 2.8 tower speakers for $100 from a guy off craigslist (not from a van) and I am actually pleased with the way it sounds. They are way better then the Kenwoods that I had before. All I know is I can't crank them up past volume level 4 (out of 10) on my Sony receiver before my neighbors start complaining about the walls vibrating. LOL. Scam or not, I would've bought these again if offered the chance. If you feel its a scam cuz you later decided you didn't want speakers anymore then so be it. But don't rant and rave if you spent more than you felt you should have. You're in control of your own money. I knew I wasn't going to shell out more than $100 or so for a pair of speakers and thats what I stuck with. Luckily for me, these DPA SLT 2.8 speakers sound great for my needs. Just my two cents.

Unregistered guest
I live in the Philadelphia-Springfield Pa area. My bro in law called me up today about this scam. He was at Home Depot getting some work supplies. He was approached by 2 guys in a white van. They had some "extra" speakers in thier order that they wanted to get rid of because they hated thier boss & wanted the money to go to the strip club. They were offering him 2 sets of Dahlton KV 2500 TI $1800 speakers for $800. They would even follow him to the bank while he got the $$$ for the speakers. He knew that I was into audio & video equipment & asked me if these were a good product & a good deal. I never heard of Dahlton so I looked up thier webpage. Its generic looking(like something you make in a high school computer class) so right away I was suspicious. Thank God I found your message board & informed him of the scam. The stupid thing is that the 2 guys in the van were in the background hollering out thier webpage address the whole time I was on his cell phone with him. They were proud in promoting it. Meanwhile I was on looking in other pages getting the scam information. The sad part of this is that they probably will just sell the pair to someone else.
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