NAD 7.1 HELP!!!!!!


O'kay, I am looking for a 7.1 receiver does NAD make such an animal, currently I am moving towards the HK525 because of the 7.1 out put. Also is their a big difference in 6.1 (NAD762) and 7.1(HK525). i am really confused at this point and do not know which unit to go with between the two. Lastly, I was told that the NAD 763 would have 100wt 7.1, is this also true, and is it worth paying the differnce for that seventh speaker?

Did I not ask the correct questions?


Hopefully I can help. I own an NAD T762.

1. NAD does make a 7.1 receiver, the T773, which is due out soon I think. It is 110w x 7, but is also very expensive.

2. The NAD T763 is NOT a 7.1 receiver, it is only 6.1, 100w x 6, same as the 762.

3. Concerning the HK 525 vs. the NAD 762, to make sound judgement, I would have to know what type of speakers you have. Speaking just of the receivers, and not taking into consideration any speakers you may already have, I would recommend the 762 over the HK. That is not to say that the HK is a bad unit, just the opposite. I highly respect HK and think that they make wonderful receivers. However, I prefer the sound of the NAD. It is much more forward sounding, and the detail and clarity cannot be matched, even by HK. To me, the 7.1 setup was not a concern. I don't even have room for 6 speakers, much less 7. My "surround rear" channel goes compeltely unused, and I don't miss it at all. As I have said on another forum today, at the moment, there are NO, I repeat NO DVD's that are encoded in a 7.1 format. There are a few that are encoded in a 6.1 format, but probably 95% of them are only 5.1, so you won't get a true 6.1 or 7.1 sound. Those surround rear channels are simply matrixed from the other surround channels (i.e. the receiver just "guesses" what it would sound like and creates the surround rear channels on its own). For me, even though I don't use the 6th channel, it is a nice option to have. The extra rear channel will, in theory, bridge some of the "gap" between the other surround channels. However, I think the differences between a 6.1 and 7.1 sound will be minimal. Unless you have a huge room, 6th and 7th speakers will be only a few feet away from each other, and thus will not provide you with much of an advantage.

So, in my opinion, not taking into account what speakers you have (which could significantly alter my recommendation by the way), I would go for the NAD. It has a much clearer and detailed sound, and the 6.1 setup would probably be plenty to satisfy your needs.

NAD currently does not have a 7.1 receiver. However, they are coming out with their new flagship receiver called the T773 which I believe has 7 X 110 watts amps. I think this is going to go for around $2000 (not positive about this). The new T763 will still be 6 X 100 watts. The T773, T763 and T753 are not out yet (December?).

This info can be found at

Some will say that going beyond 5.1 really doesn't add much to sound improvements since most soundtracks (>90%) are recorded in 5.1 only. Who knows. Regardless, if you must have 7.1 in NAD fashion, wait and get a 773. Otherwise get a 762 or 752 which has preamp outs that allow you to attach another stereo/mono amp to make it 7.1.

Hope this helps.

Okay, I can totally understand that, so what NAD Receiver do I go with 762-752-742. I am running Klipshc rf-25 main fronts, and Klipsh satelites in the rest both centers and rears.


What is your budget? 762 is $899, 752 is around $650, and the 742 is $449. Sound of all three would be about the same, so none would sound "better" or "worse" with your speakers. Only real difference between them is power (762=100w x 6, 752=80w x 5, 742 = 50w x 5) and the decoding formats. The 742 decodes only Dolby Digital and DTS, not the newer 6 channel modes of Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES. Both the 752 and 762 decode these modes. All three sound it is just a matter of what you are willing to spend. If you can afford the 762, then by all means, buy it, but if you want a less expensive alternative, then either the 752 or 742 will work beautifully.

As a fellow T762 owner, I'm curious if you're experiencing the same issue with the volume in multi-channel mode that I am. The sound only starts to kick in at the -30db range (in stereo, you can hear it at the ---60db bottom of the register) and I can actually turn it all the way up to the 6db limit, and while certainly louder than the levels I would be listening to, I'm surprised I can max it out without blowing my ears off. Where's the vaunted NAD power? And is 6db the limit on yours? I read on another forum where another 762 owner rebooted their firmware which raised the max volume to 20db but I have no idea how to do that.

I could go with either one, but I do not see the point in paying for something that I will not use, that is why I am leaning towards the 752. But if the 762 is that much better, then I will go with it. Also I here that NAD is problematic?


What do you mean by "multichannel mode"? Do you mean the surround modes (i.e. Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.), or are you refering to the "EXT 7.1", 7.1 multichannel input mode (i.e. used mostly for DVD-A or SACD players)? I do not have a DVD-A or SACD player, so I don't have anything hooked up to the 7.1 channel input jacks, so I cannot comment on that. However, if you are talking about the Dolby Digital or DTS "multichannel" mode, I have not experienced the problems you describe. For me, if the room is quiet, I can hear sound beginning nearly at the bottom of the volume level. To tell you the truth, I am scared to try to "max out" my volume level, so I don't know how high it can go. I don't want to blow my speakers. My usual listening level is somewhere between -25 and -15 db's. I have never gone any higher than -10 that I can remember. Sorry. What type of speakers are you using?


No real difference between the 762 and 752 other than the measley extra 20 watts (which really is not a big deal), and the 6.1 vs. 5.1. Unless your heart is set on a 6.1 setup, the 752 would work great for you. It is true that there are some people who have experienced problems with NAD products. The receivers are very technically sophisticated, and thus are more prone to minor problems. Many of them have posted their problems on this forum. Take some time to look through some of them. There are a few who have very major and legitimate concerns. Others have experienced what I would consider to be minor annoyances (i.e. receiver "skips" the first millisecond of a cd being played through a DVD Player connected digitally, or a sligh "popping" sound when changing surround modes). To me, these minor problems are nothing worth returning a receiver for. In fact, these problems are not unique to NAD...other brands do the same exact thing. Most of the major problems occured with receivers that had firmware version 1.20. The units that are currently being sold are mostly version 1.22, and most of the problems have been solved. In my opinion, you should not be concerned about these problems...rather just be aware of them. If you make sure you buy from an authorized dealer, the receiver is under warranty for 2 years. If there happens to be a problem, NAD has proven to be very, very helpful in getting the problems solved. Finally, one regular poster to this forum, John A., took some major time to start a very informative thread about this topic. I will post the link below. Read it, hopefully it will alleveiate some of your concerns.

I also own the NAD t762 and experienced the same prob. Try setting your center and surrounds to 0db. You should to be able to max your volume out at +18db :)

Also I think if your fronts are set higher then Odb in stereo mode then you only will be able to max your volume at +6db, anyway try setting all speakers at 0db as this was the solution to my prob.

After reading these discussions on NAD receivers on this site you would beleive that the NAD is kick a**, but you have to put up with problems to get great sound. Is this typical with all NAD receivers? Also, the last batch out there should there be problems with them?

I do not have a dealer in my city, so I am affraid of having to ship this receiver all over the place to get it corrected if I have problems.


From what I have heard, the last batch out there is largely corrected. Obviously, there might still be a few, but overall, problems have been fixed. As for having to "put up with problems"...depends what you define as problem. I have heard that most NAD receivers exhibit the millisecond skip at the beginning of CD's (can be fixed by using analog cable from CD player), and many have the slight popping sound when changing surround modes (can be solved by turning volume down when changing modes). If you see these as "problems"..then NAD is probably not for you. But, if you are willing to take the necessary steps to alleviate the problems, then all you will have left is a wonderful sounding receiver.

Johnny and Marco,
Yes, I was referring to the surround modes.

I did what you suggested Marco and was able to get my max db level up to 13, but the 13db sounds as loud as the 6db level before I changed the settings.

Oh well...the quality of the sound is awesome and for normal listening, I won't be approaching the top of the volume level anyway.

Again, just surprised that the maxed volume doesn't reach distortion levels (it does in stereo mode). I'm driving B&W 602 fronts which, according to NAD manual, should be designated "small" speakers in the OSD settings. However, my dealer said I should set them to "large" and that does make them punchier.

By the way, I emailed NAD with this issue two days ago and am still awaiting a response.

John A.
Can anyone explain where you are supposed to put the seven speakers? And why?

And how can 7.1 be backwardly compatible with both 6.1 and 5.1?

Are the front three channels (Left, Centre, Right) the same for all formats? If so, you must have four surround channels in 7.1. Where do you put the four surround speakers? All behind you? That would be weird. Do two of those channels still give rear Left and rear Right?

Will you please be so kind to give me a hand: I do need a piece of advice badly indeed!

I am looking for a musically sounding, reliable and upgradeable (via RS-232 port) 7.1 receiver for my Home Theatre (I am considering Paradigm Studio 60 or Mirage OMNI 260 based speakers setup) with intention of spending 90% of my time listening to music (Bach, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Pavarotti, Pink Floyd, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra, Chicago -- you get the picture of my tastes, I hope).

Currently I am considering Harman Kardon AVR 7200, Harman Kardon AVR 630 and NAD T773 receivers.

What do you think of the above "little beauties"? PLEASE help me at your earliest opportunity!


John A.

This puts a fork in the road:

Since your music runs from one intrument to several hundred, can you, or anyone, tell me the theoretical basics of where to put seven speakers? (See Nov 20). Seven is a very strange number from an acoustical point of view. Would eight be better? Or nine? Or twenty? Or is this built-in future dissatisfaction, the Microsoft pathway to success? What will get programmed in through the RS-232 port? Few computers now have such ports. Wouldn't USB be better these days? Or do we need a special adaptor?

Yours, interested but sceptically.
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