Any cure for NAD 762 satellite "popping"?


Hi all - picked up a NAD t762 and a Rotel RSX 1055 this weekend to compare head to head in my theater.

I like the NAD better, and the only drawbacks are the 'skipping' CD issue (solved via an analog cable and the well known "popping" when changing channels on a satellite receiver.

Is there any workaround to this, or am I stuck with this minor annoyance? FYI, satellite is a RCA connected via Optical.


Had the same problem with channel changing on satellite RCA receiver while using NAD 762. Also was using optical connection. Went out and bought new RCA directv receiver (DRD486) using coaxial digital connection and this solved the "popping" problem. Bottom line, it was something in the directv receiver that the NAD picked up through optical connectors that created the problem. Since change was made (cost $79 for the new box) have had no problems.


Great response! Info like yours is exactly what this forum is for. Thanks for letting us know what to do.

John A.
Agree with Hawk, always do!

But why is the popping a problem? It does not intrude into the programme material, that is, into what you are actually listening to. I think it is just a bit neurotic to worry about small sounds made upon switching channels. If you, Matthew, Pete, Hawk, have time, you might be interested in my comments on both popping and play-delay on Nov 2 on Receiver quality and NAD. Best regards.

John A.

The popping sounds are more than just a few of us being neurotic, I was actually concerned that the sound was damaging my speakers, it was that loud and annoying. But like I said in my post, I found the problem and corrected it and placed it in this forum so others could benefit from what I discovered. Like Hawk said, that is what this forum is for...not to be judged on what is perceived to be neurotic by some.


Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the my DBS receiver only has a digital optical output and none of the available satellite receivers that I can use (ExpressVu which I think is a rebadged EchoStar) have coax outputs as far as I know.

However, I've found that all of the DD broadcasting is just DD 2.0 anyway, so I've changed my satellite DD feed to always send down the signal as D-PCM and I use DPL II Movie on my T742 receiver. I prefer DPL II Movie over DD 2.0, which is the same as stereo as far as I can tell. If I'm listening to a music channel I'll switch it to stereo/enhanced stereo. The only broadcasting I have available in DD 5.1 is certain PPV movies, which I never order on the satellite anyway.

Matthew Dow
Looks like I'm SOL, as all the new HDTV directv receiver are $400-plus, which seems outrageous. I only have the optical connection, so this will be impossible to avoid it appears.

I double checked last night and the 'pop' is not there with the Rotel.

For 12 or 13 hundred bucks, you're darn right I'm going to be neurotic. It's my hard earned money.

John A.
Pete and Matthew,

Point taken. Thank you. My pops are small things, of no consequence. But I agree, if they are that loud, it is not at all neurotic to be concerned about damage to speakers. I totally blew some beautiful KEF tweeters once through stupidly connecting a cassette recorder as input and output at the same time, and at high gain. They were repaired, but it was expensive. It is always good to have the volume right down when experimenting with connections, but I agree, you don't expect to have to do that routinely, in everyday use.

Just a stab in the dark, but aren't there optical -> digital coax adapters you can buy? I wonder if that would make any difference.

And to partly answer my own question:

Matthew Dow
Adam T- nice work! I was wondering the same thing, but too lazy to look into it. That might be the 25 dollar solution!

Just did a demo with the wife tonight. She could care less about equipment, but did comment that she could hear instruments better on the NAD vs. the Rotel.

also, my credit card company will warranty the receiver for 3 years, in addition to the 2 year NAD warranty. So if anything does go awry, I can file a claim w/the credit card company. (In case not obviously implied, I'm a little concerned about reliability w/the NAD).

John - the pops for are only loud at high volume. The loudness correlates w/the volume. If I have it muted, there is no pop. If Adams idea works, there will be no pops at all!

Hey Matthew,

I can't say it was an entirely selfless exercise, as I'll be taking delivery of a T752 in the next few days and also have a DTV receiver with only optical output. :)

Optical to digital coax adapters are also available from Parts Express ( FYI.

Good pickup Hawk. It appears to be the exact same unit for 1/3 less $$.

Matthew Dow
Just ordered one from PE. I'll send a post with the results next week.

Try hooking it up to digital (coaxial) 3 on the NAD 762. I had the old satellite hooked to optical 1 and that's when it made the popping sounds. Don't know if it was a bad digital input on receiver or optical vs. coaxial. Anyway, this fixed the problem.

Matthew Dow
interesting...will do!
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