Help Needed in Modding Marantz SR4300 + What Speakers to Pair it With?


Hifi Newbie
I am a newbie who has recently bought a Marantz SR43000 (I know 5300 is better but I don't have the budget). When I open up the cover, I found that the cables inside are of pretty poor stuff compared the speaker cables.

Also, what appears to be the analogue signal cables are tied together with the power lines. The insulation appears to be either rubber or PVC.

I felt disgusted by the cables and bought the Belden silver plated cables with braided and teflon shielding. I also replace the power cables inside the amp with Belden 12AWG solid core TP shielded cables. Will be adding an additional power noise filter soon and try shielding the power lines coming out of the transformer (unable to change them). I don't have the budget for those monster cables etc.

But I have literally no idea how such mods will affect the sound. Has anyone tried out the mods. Does the sound improves?

Also, what speakers are good to pair with the Marantz amp? After some searching, I have decide on the AE Evo 1 but not sure if it suits the amp. The MA B2 seems good and my friend also recommends me the Modaunt-short 902.

I am using the amp mainly for playing classical music and symphonies and occassionally light jazz. No heavy rock or pop music. Also occasional movies.

Thanks for you help.

You'll probably find you could upgrade evrything inside the box as the SR4300 is the bottom of the range. After you've spent all the money on replacement parts, would you have been better off buying a SR5300 (or higher) in the first place. And I have a feeling you've just invalidated your warranty.

As for speakers, when I was asking around I was looking at Mordaunt Short and Mission. There's a thread somewhere on this board on it (probably some way down now) but it lists other matches. Bear in mind that I was looking for a 5.1 sub + sat speaker setup.

John A.
HiFi Newbie,

The cables inside are usually much shorter than speaker cables and do not need to be as wide. Usually a manufacturer knows what it is doing, and Marantz is a good make. I doubt if the SR5300 has different internal cables, it is not a significant cost.

One of Tim's threads was about cables, mostly

See also

Hifi Newbie
Thanks for your advice.

As for the warranty, I won't void the warranty as the cables are all using headers and not soldered to the board. Thus, what I did is make another set of cables and connectors, plug out the existing and plug mine in.

If I require warranty services, I just plug them back.
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