Speakers for Marantz SR5300?


Simon K.
I would really appreciate some advice on which speaker system goes well with the Marantz SR5300. So far I quite like the Mordaunt Short Premier System. Any ideas? (I will be using the setup mainly for home theatre).

Simon K.
follow up...
and I dont want to spend more than £500 ($750).


It is very hard for us in the States to know what is available to you, presumably in the UK.

However, I like the Mordant Shorts, too (we had a dealer not far from me until recently), but I would also recommend you look at Canton and JMlabs Sib/Cub system. I don't know if that fits your price range, but the Sib/Cub is an excellent system and matches very well with the Marantz receiver.


I too have a marantz reciever (SR4300) and am using mission's M71i speakers, bar a M7C1i centre, and am finding they match the marantz reciever really well as they tend to be warm sounding like the reciever.
Although the M70 range is being phased out you may find now is the perfect time to buy as discounts are available. I suggest you take a look at their M70 cinema pack as this includes everything you need (including subwoofer) bar an extra rear centre speaker. You can of course try to buy this seperately.
Personally, if I had my choice again, I would purchase 3 Pairs of M71i's from richer sounds at £50-£60 a pair and use one speaker, on its side below the tv, as a centre channel (the M7C1i is good but not as good as a seperate speaker) and buy a REL Quake sub at £320.Fab!.
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