Need Help matching receiver to Klipsch Speakers


I need some help or opinions in matching a recevier to the Klipsch KLF 20 reference speakers. I also have a KSF c5 center and Boston Acoustics sub woofer.

I have tried teh Onyko TX-SR701 and returned it becuase it did not have enough power. I like the features and sound of the Yamaha RX-V2400, it that a good match or does anyone have some other suggestions?

Please any and all help is greatly appreciated.

There are numerous posts in this forums recommending H/K receivers as a match for Klipsch.
Here are some discussions:

Since Klipsch are very bright I would pair them with a mellower sounding receiver like NAD, Elite, Marantz or H/K. Yamaha would be a very poor choice with Klipsch as both are bright and to my ears thin sounding. Stay mellow and your Klipsch will sound their best.

Thanks for the replies to both of you. I am so new to this and the options so broad that is makes choosing very difficult. I think I will go listen to the H&K to see what it sounds like.

Thanks again!!!
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