Help with Onkyo 601 receiver!!!



I have just purchase the onkyo 601 reciever.
I am a little confused on somethings.
One, What is the difference between setting a speaker to large or small?
I have JBL S38ii for my fronts and rears. I think they are large right?
Also what is crossover? For my jbls, What should i set it on. i have it on 60hz right now.

And my biggest problem is the Dialog. It seems very low. I have the center speaker on +6db just so i can hear conversion and sometime i still dont hear it. When the center speaker is playing music it is very loud but dialog is also really low.
Is this normal?
How can i fix this

A 'large' speaker is one which can reproduce a full range of frequencies - highs, lows amd mids.
If I am not mistaken the crossover you are refering to is the cutoff frequency below which all lower frequency signals are sent to the LFE output and higher ranges are sent to the FL and FR speakers.
Also read this thread.

Did you try adjusting the levels on the other speakers? Is the low volume true for all sources? TV, DVD etc.
Maybe a SPL meter might help.

Hey thx for the reply,

I tryed setting the center speaker to small. It did fix it a little but still kind of low sounding me to. It sounded great to my brother and family. i dunno.

What exaclty is LFE? the sub? how does it work? like what id the difference when i set it to 60hz and up to 120hz?

also what is a good level for volume. I tend to keep it on the 40s. is that suppose to be mid sounding? not loud or soft.


I have an Onkyo 601 and for movies I set the volume at 60. I think 40 is probably too low. you would at least want 50 b/c of the mechanics of the receiver and then test from there. That should help with your center speaker problem. If at higher volumes you feel the surround music is too loud you can always watch it in nighttime mode.

Hey Anon

What Crossover do you set ur onkyo for?

I am still confused on what it is.

Thanks for the input

I'm using 100hz for Crossover. I don't remember if I set it to that b/c of something I read in the manual or if it was just the default setting.

100hz was the default,

I guess i should leave it at 100hz since i dont know what it is.


I trust you have a subwoofer? If so set the speaker settings to small and the crossover to 80. Then go to Radio Shack and buy a analog sound level meter.{40 bucks]. Set the db on the meter to 70, the speed setting to slow, the weight to A and then hold the meter upright and use your receivers test tone function ans cycle around and set the levels so the needle on the meter stands straight up. You will then have correctly balanced your channel levels. It is impossib;e to do this without a sound level meter. Anyone who has a decent home theater should have a meter. Even after doing this you might want to bump the center level up slightly as movie dialog does tend to be soft at times. Do this and I promise your system will sound much, much better.
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